Tierra Incognita Season 2 – What Kind of Darkness the New Season Holds?

Tierra Incognita Season 2

With new shows releasing left and right, it isn’t surprising that the fans are quite curious to know about shows that are worth watching. Tierra Incognita and its blend of suspense, thrills, and supernatural chills is just the perfect option to binge-watch.

The first season of the show left the audience with a cliffhanger, which explains why the audience is desperate to unfold more of the show’s sequel or Season 2. If you are on a similar boat, we have some good news for you.

In this article, we will discuss everything that we know about Tierra Incognita Season 2 and its expected plot.

When is Tierra Incognita Season 2 Releasing?

Well, for the viewers who have been waiting for the release of Tierra Incognita Season 2, we have some good news.

Season 2 is finally here. The episodes were released on December 13, 2023, all at once. Disney+ has not only renewed the show but the new episodes are all here. Like the previous season, even this one has eight episodes.

If you are one of those viewers who has finished watching the two seasons, it makes sense that you are now waiting for the third season. Before you get excited, Disney+ has yet to renew the show, which means that we won’t know anything for sure until the network confirms everything related to the show’s release down the road.

What can we expect from Tierra Incognita Season 2?

Season one concluded with Eric teetering between realities, determined to save his mother from the clutches of the enigmatic Julia. 

The portal to Onkalavara remains open, enticing us with the promise of deeper exploration into this unsettling realm. We can expect a continued focus on unraveling the secrets of the Eternal Nightmare, a force that threatens to consume both worlds. Furthermore, the mark on Eric’s arm promises to be a central plot point, hinting at a connection to Onkalavara that runs deeper than we imagined. 

The show’s creators have teased the possibility of delving into Eric’s ancestry and the origins of the portal, potentially revealing a lineage burdened with a responsibility to protect the balance between worlds.

What’s great about the second season is the fact that the creators have managed to keep the audience hooked from the first episode. So, if you are hopeful about a nerve-wracking experience watching the sequel, you won’t be disappointed.

Who is returning to Tierra Incognita Season 2?

All the OG cast from the first season has returned in Season 2 as well. This includes:

  • Pedro Maurizi (Eric Dalaras) 
  • Mora Fisz (Uma)
  • Tomás Kirzner (Axel) 
  • Thomas Lepera (Pablo) 


The second season of Tierra Incognita packs in even more thrill and mystery than you’d normally expect to witness. This explains why the audience has pretty much been hooked from the first episode of the show. Ideally, we’d recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for all the amazing and engaging darkness that awaits you in the show’s second season.


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