Trailer Trash Tammy Net Worth 2023: How the Comedian and Social Media Star Built Her Wealth?

Trailer Trash Tammy Net Worth

When you think of comedy skits and humorous YouTube videos, Trailer Trash Tammy is a character that comes up time and time. Played by popular social media personality, actress, and comedian Chelcie Lynn, this character is what sells out her stand-up comedy shows.

Chelcie is known for her witty personality, quick comebacks, and fun skits. Despite being in the industry for a very short period, it isn’t surprising that Chelcie has carved a spot for herself in the niche.

This article will more about Chelcie Lynn, her character Trailer Trash Tammy, and her net worth.

Early Life

Chelcie Lynn was born on August 09, 1987, in the United States. Even though she has gained immense popularity with her comedy skits, it is pretty hard to figure out information about her early life since not much information is available.

Her early life, including details about her parents, siblings, or her school and college days are not available on the Internet. And, given how well she protects her privacy, it is safe to say she didn’t want much of her life broadcasted to the public.


Chelcie kickstarted her career on the short-form video content platform, Vine. Although she started her career as a stand-up comedian, it wasn’t until one of her videos went viral on Vine that she started gaining traction.

Before the platform was taken down, Chelcie had 240,000 followers there. She posted her first video on the platform in 2013.

However, more than her standard comedy skits, what brought her more fame and popularity were her videos featuring a character named “Trailer Trash Tammy.” During those videos, she wore the famous trademarked Reba McEntire t-shirt.

Besides her comedy skits as Trailer Trash Tammy, Chelcie also started posting YouTube videos being in that character, sharing mukbangs. This started in 2016, and soon after, Chelcie started posting vlogs too.

Once Vine was taken down, Chelcie later worked hard on growing her YouTube account. She now has close to 200,000 subscribers. Besides random comedy skits, Chelcie also posts prank videos and vlogs, which have added to her popularity further.

Personal Life

Like her early life, Chelcie doesn’t share much about her personal life as well. No information discusses her being in a relationship. She hasn’t shared any videos with her partners too. So, it is safe to assume that she is either single or doesn’t want to divulge the topic publicly.

Net worth

As of 2023, Chelcie Lynn has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. There is no way to confirm the exact numbers though.

However, with the steady income that she is earning through her YouTube channel and Tiktok account, and other social media, it is safe to say that her earnings are increasing exponentially. Besides social media, she also does comedy shows and sells merchandise, which further contributes to her overall income and net worth.

Chelcie also does sponsored posts for brands on her social media accounts, which helps her earn a steep income as well.