NLE Choppa’s Journey of Fatherhood – How Many Children Does He Have?

how many kids does nle choppa have

NLE Choppa, the Memphis rapper known for his aggressive flow and introspective lyrics, has another side to him: fatherhood. While his music often explores themes of struggle and resilience, Choppa takes pride in being a dad to his two children. 

We will further delve into NLE Choppa’s journey as a father, exploring his public pronouncements, the challenges he’s faced, and how he strives to balance his rap career with his family life.

When did NLE Choppa Become a Father?

NLE Choppa, born Bryson Potts, became a father for the first time in June 2020. The arrival of his daughter, Clover Brylie Potts, with his then-partner Maria marked a turning point. In interviews, Choppa expressed a newfound desire to change and be a better person for his child.

This shift mirrored the transformation he documented on his YouTube channel, “Awakened Choppa,” where he embraced veganism, a healthier lifestyle, and even dabbled in gardening.

With a shift in his perspective, NLE Choppa seems to be quite focused on being the best version of himself and focusing on improving himself for his children.

The Devastating Loss and the Strength of Family

Choppa’s journey as a father hasn’t been without hardship. In March 2022, he and his then-partner Danae tragically experienced a miscarriage. This loss undoubtedly impacted Choppa, highlighting the vulnerability that comes with fatherhood. 

However, he channelled this experience into personal growth, demonstrating his resilience and commitment to his role as a parent.

With the kind of impact this loss brought on their family, NLE Choppa took some time off to focus on himself and his family. During this time, he had to step up not just for his partner but his daughter as well, further proving himself to be a worthy and present father in his girl’s life.

When did NLE Choppa Welcome his Son?

Love and life, however, have a way of persevering. In August 2023, Choppa and his partner Mari, also known as Nae, welcomed their son, Chozen Wone Da’Shun Potts. 

Choppa took to social media to announce the birth, sharing a glimpse of fatherhood while maintaining his characteristic playful spirit. The unique name, “Chozen,” reflects Choppa’s belief that his son is “already won at life,” while also incorporating elements that pay homage to both parents and their families.

That further contributed to the laughter and happiness being back in the family. They persevered through one of the toughest experiences and somehow managed to stand out tall on the other side.

How is NLE Choppa Managing Being a Rapper and a Father?

Balancing the demanding career of a rap star with the responsibilities of fatherhood is no easy feat. While Choppa keeps his children’s lives largely private, he has occasionally offered glimpses into his experiences as a dad. In his music videos, we see him surrounded by children, showcasing a softer side that complements his onstage persona. 

Choppa has also spoken about the importance of spending quality time with his children, ensuring that his rap career doesn’t overshadow his role as a father.

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