Top 5 Social Messengers for 2023

Top 5 Social Messengers

With the onset of the digital age that is arguably at its prime stage right now, social messengers have been enjoying the limelight as mediums of communication and entertainment. It is virtually and literally impossible to find someone nowadays who does not use at least one social/messaging application. Even if it’s against someone’s will to stick to the olden ways, companies now require their employees to use their phones to access messages and stay connected.

Having a social messenger is not just for fun, it is now a necessity in many walks of life. There are a couple of examples to back up this claim: Messengers help people stay in contact with their loved ones, especially when they’re living far away from each other or to help set up a business communication channel, or even for domestic and professional emergencies. However, having an able messenger is only part of the deal; to have a solid internet connection that lets these messengers access their wide variety of features is crucial too. Check out AT&T Internet for the best deals from the best ISP that won’t let your messenger falter in any capacity.

If you’re reading to hop back in or rejuvenate your experience with social messengers then treat yourself down below with some of our favorite picks that have been judged not just on performance and utility, but also contemporary aesthetics.

1. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is pretty much a household name at this point. The app was initially released back in 2009 and garnered attention from people living long distances apart from friends and loved ones. What was initially an application that featured the simple ability to exchange text messages via the Internet is now a multi-million dollar company with tons of in-app customizations. Users can send voice notes, GIFs, stickers, documents, make calls and keep up with others via WhatsApp stories.

Facebook eventually ended up buying WhatsApp due to the enormous amount of potential it holds. Presently, WhatsApp has expanded its reach to become a formal, official messenger for intelligence companies. Because of that reason and other constant demands, messages sent through the app are encrypted and exclusive only to the people engaged in their respective chat windows.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s brainchild is a close runner-up when it comes to connectivity. FB messenger is almost as old as WhatsApp but offers users exclusivity due to its link with the parent company. Messenger started as a way to ease out some of the load induced on both Facebook users and the application itself. FB messenger is now quite integral to anyone who fancies using Facebook on the fly or just prefers a no-nonsense channel of communication with family & friends. Probably due to that reason, Messenger now ranks number 1 in 16/100 countries around the globe.

3. Snapchat


The creators of Snapchat got super clever with their marketing technique; essentially giving birth to a sub-niche in the messenger ecosystem. Where all other messengers focus more on texts and calls as the primary method to communicate, Snapchat came barging in and introduced disappearing pictures and videos as the go-to method to ‘talk’. This mode of communication was an instant hit for teens and young adults who took to Snapchat like fish to water. Snapchat has also been quite bold with its color schemes; using bright yellow as its main theme and its mascot depicting a cheerful ghost.

4. Line


Trickling down to the more regional messengers, we now have Line topping this list. Line has gained massive amounts of popularity in Asia, particularly its eastern regions encompassing Japan and Thailand. Line is a cheaper, more personalized option for people of that region and has regular offers and good connectivity pertaining to the area.

5. WeChat


China’s solution to unwanted eavesdropping. Most of the top social applications originate from Western countries and given China’s strife with a couple of them, it’s natural that the superpower came up with its own product to keep a safety check on the data being circulated. Everything considered, WeChat is decent; having features that are similar to those on WhatsApp and a dedicated user base that keeps on suggesting improvements.

Due to regional constraints, WhatsApp suffers micro-bans from Gulf countries. WeChat, however, has its utility untethered and is thus, now, being preferred by countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Lately, this has led to massive amounts of revenue being generated. Considering this, the day might not be far when WeChat gets its fair bit of scrutiny relating to security.


That’s a wrap on our top 5 picks for the best social messengers during 2023. Even though all these apps might be different in their looks & themes, they have an excellent track record in getting the basic task done i.e. connectivity. Check them out on the AppStore or PlayStore and prepare to be amazed.