Meaning of “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature – Does it Discuss Infidelity?

Meaning of “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature – Does it Discuss Infidelity?

130If you aren’t a big fan of raps, chances are that you haven’t heard “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature. This Grammy-winning American record has collected millions of streams and has charted on multiple charts across the globe.

The lyrics of the song aren’t necessarily family friendly and the main theme of the lyrics is drabbling about being unfaithful to your partner. If this is your first time listening to the song, O.P.P is an acronym for “Other People’s Property”, which itself is a giveaway of what the song is about.

According to the official reports, the band used Other People’s Property as a euphemism, so that they don’t have to outright mention any vulgar phrases that could make the song very explicit. You’d be surprised to know that although the overall lyrics of the song aren’t family-oriented or family-friendly, there are no explicit words in the song.

The phrase “Down with O.P.P” is a way of saying that the person is open to cheating on their partner, which is where the take of infidelity comes into play.

Where did the O.P.P Come from?

Listening to a song that’s titled O.P.P is bound to raise people’s eyebrows, making people wonder what the song is actually about.

If you are stuck thinking about something similar, let us give you a bit of a backstory. The band confirmed that it was Treach, the lead rapper of the group, who came up with the idea and phrasing behind the song.

According to Treach, he got to know about the popular phrase “down with O.P.P.” from a man he encountered early on in his life who used to sell drugs near his home. Treach further said that the man who inspired the song’s title used to encroach on other drug sellers’ areas to acquire their customers. During that period, the situation was termed O.P.M or Other People’s Money.

Ever since he heard the phrase, Treach found it super interesting and took it with him. There are no other explanations as to how he tied the song’s title with infidelity.

Quick Facts about the Song

According to official reports, O.P.P has been written by all the members of Naughty by Nature. The song also samples two other songs, which means that if you find similar tunes with ABC by the Jackson, be assured that it’s not plagiarism but sampling.

O.P.P was released in 1991 and later became one of the most popular songs of the group and was featured in their Studio album Naughty by Nature. 

You might be surprised to know this but after the release of the song, the phrase “Down with OPP” became one of the most commonly said phrases in the U.S.


Besides the fact that O.P.P. is a song that highlights the woes of infidelity, there’s not much to unravel in the song’s lyrics. If you were particularly enticed by the song’s lyrics, we have to suggest that you listen to the song yourself to draw your conclusions.