Top 3 Wedding Venues for Small Destination Weddings in Udaipur

Top 3 Wedding Venues for Small Destination Weddings in Udaipur

Selection of wedding venues makes all of the difference at the wedding ceremonies and reception in destination weddings. They help set the theme of your wedding and play a big part in creating a fabulous decor setup, the choice and cost of decor mainly depends on the selected property. With this list of the top three wedding venues in Udaipur, you won’t have to settle for a less than perfect venue for planning a small destination wedding in Udaipur.

This is because the list of the event venues on this list have been recommended by one of the best wedding planners from Udaipur. You can get more information about planning destination weddings and selection of wedding venues in Udaipur here. We hope that you and your family enjoy working your way through this list of the most amazing wedding venues in Udaipur!

1. Ramee Royal Resort & Spa

This beautiful property is located at the outskirts of Udaipur on a national highway. Ramee Royal possesses a beautiful garden along with multiple spaces which can be used for wedding ceremonies, this makes Ramee Royal suitable for both small and large weddings. A large banquet hall of 6000 sq. ft. area is suitable for events with upto 500 guests whereas a medium sized hall is ideal for a gathering of 100 guests.

2. Shilpi Resort

Shilpi Resort is situated near Shilpgram village and Fateh sagar lake. Any couple looking for a venue for an intimate wedding will find this one excellent. This resort lies near mountains, you will definitely like the backdrop of the photos that will be taken at your wedding. The space inside Shilpi Resort can hold up to 150 people and is therefore convenient for a couple with few guests.

3. Ramya Resort

For the bride and groom who like going to properties on the outskirts of cities, Ramya Resort is one of a kind. It is located in Dakan Kotra near Jaisamand road. This venue spells out grandeur in the best way possible due to its contemporary interior and exterior design and, therefore, is perfect for minimalistic couples. This resort is one of the few properties in Udaipur which are suitable for any season. You will enjoy the view of mountains, beautiful gardens, and pools. The view along with wedding decoration will give your photos life, thus making your wedding memorable.

The allure of this venue extends beyond its impeccable services and intimate ambiance – it offers an exquisite backdrop that enhances the charm of wedding photographs. Couples exchanging vows at Ramya Resort find that their wedding outfits, adorned with intricate details such as cufflinks, ties, bridal rings, and mens wedding bands, are beautifully accentuated against the venue’s scenic beauty. 

The careful consideration of every element – from the lush surroundings to the architectural elegance, ensures that your wedding day is not just a moment in time but a timeless masterpiece, etched in the memories of all who attend.