Toor Net Worth – How Much Is the Real Estate App Worth?

Toor Net Worth

It’s not every day that you come across an application that’s focused on a real estate niche. With the glorifying popularity that the brand gained after its appearance on Shark Tank, Toor has seen a prominent rise in their app downloads and revenue.

Toor provides users with a real-time tour of real estate with a certified agent, all while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. The product built a smart lockbox, which held the keys of the property, which were directly controlled by the brokers through an app.

The company’s main motive was to make property viewing hassle-free and a lot more streamlined. As of 2024, Toor has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Quick Facts

Business details:Smart lock controlled via an app
Founders name:Junior Desinor
Founded in:March, 2016
Location (Country):Texas, USA
Sharks on board (Investers)Kevin O’Leary,
Barbara Corcoran
Asked for Investment$5,00,000 for 10% Equity
Accepted Deals:$2,00,000 for 10% Equity and $3,00,000 for Loan
Shark Tank Episode:Season 8,
Episode 8
Net Worth$500,000
Business Status:Not Active
Social MediaTwitter
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2024

About the Founder

Toor was founded by Junior Desinor, who was raised in Dallas, Texas by his Haitian immigrant parents. Although he didn’t have the smoothest childhood, Desinor was adamant about making money, which is why he started his business at 18 and bought a property soon after.

Later, Desinor went on to complete his education at Texas Tech University. But, in 2008, Desinor acquired his real estate license and started working for Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

After working there for two years, Desinor founded his own real estate company in 2011. By 2013, Desinor sold over $100 million worth of properties.

Founding Toor

Being part of the real estate industry firsthand, Desinor knew how complicated and slow the property showing and closing process was.

Desinor found that there are a lot of redundant steps that make the process slower. That’s where he introduced the concept of a smart lockbox that held the keys to the property. The lock was controlled by the broker, who could control the same using an app.

Following a trial run, Toor was finally established in 2016 and Desinor launched a Kickstarter campaign. During that period, the company made just shy of $100,000 in pre-sales.

Toor on Shark Tank

Desinor brought his company, Toor, to the eighth season of Shark Tank. There, he proposed a pitch for $500,000 for 10% equity.

However, the company’s numbers weren’t playing in Desinor’s favor. Some of the sharks liked the product while some didn’t, which led to an argument among them.

In the end, Barbara and Kevin collaboratively offered $200,000 cash and a $300,000 loan for 10% equity.

Toor after Shark Tank

Following the airing of the episode, Desinor decided to back down from the deal. However, he later revealed that he still discusses the brand and the marketing with Barbara in private.

Although Toor had a pretty interesting start, it looks like the brand is currently out of business. Their pre-orders were cleared but there hasn’t been any new update since then.

Whether or not they will make a comeback remains a mystery. Besides running Toor, current reports suggest that Desinor has also co-founded a CBD business named City Naturals. He runs the business with his wife from Dallas, Texas. There seem to be no further updates about Toor though.