Tony Beets Net Worth: How Much Did He Earn From Gold Rush?

Tony Beets Net Worth

Tony Beets is a prominent figure in the mining industry. He rose to fame after making his appearance on Discovery’s TV show “Gold Rush.” On the show, he is known for his unwavering determination and no-nonsense attitude.

Beets is described as a “maverick mining legend” by the show’s official website. This Dutch-born, Canadian miner runs one of the largest mining operations in the Klondike.

Many of the viewers are curious about Tony Beets’ net worth. In this article, we will delve into Tony Beets’ net worth, and other details.

Family and Early Life

Tony Beets was born on 15th December 1959 and grew up on a small farm in Wijdenes, Netherlands. He worked there as a farmer for six years before making his way to Canada in 1980.

In Canada, he began his career as a dairy farmer and continued doing it for a year. Later, he worked as a pipeliner until 1984.

There’s no information available about his family members. Likewise, his education profile is also not documented. He became a mining expert through hands-on experience and learning from seasoned professionals in the field.

Personal Life

Tony Beets is married to his childhood sweetheart, Minnie. They both grew up in Burgwerd, Friesland, where they were next-door neighbours. The two fell in love and started their romantic affair in 1978.

After dating for a long time, the two finally tied the knot. At that time, Minnie’s age was 23 and Tony was 24. The couple has four kids and all of them are involved in their family’s mining business.

They had a baby girl named Jasmine, who died in 1992.


Tony Beets entered the mining industry in 1984 when he started working as a machine operator at Klondike Gold Corporation. After working there for two years, he quit his job to set up his own mining business.

In 1986, Beets established Tamarack Inc. and started operations in the Yukon Territory. He reinvested his profits to expand his business. While he handles the company, his wife looks over the finances.

Beets’ mining company is known for employing teenagers. They spend 14-15 hours a day mining gold.

His appearance on the reality TV show “Gold Rush” which premiered in 2010, brought him widespread fame. He entered the show in the second season and quickly became a fan favorite because of his unapologetic nature.

Beets also appeared in the mini-documentary series “Gold Fever” in 2013.

Earnings and Net Worth

Tony Beets built his fortune through his mining career. He has his own mining company that contributes to his overall wealth. Besides that, he generated a good amount of money from the reality TV show. As per reports, he was one of the highest-paid cast members of the Gold Rush. He used to get paid per episode.

As of 2023, Tony Beets’s total net worth is $15 million. He built his wealth through sheer hard work and dedication. He learned the skills to maximize profits over the years.


1. How much gold does Tony Beets mine?

Reports on the show suggest that Tony and his entire family used an old gold mining machine to successfully retrieve around 2100 ounces of gold, which is quite impressive when you come to think of it.

2. Is Tony Beets The King of the Klondike?

Yes, Tony is indeed named the Kind of the Klondike on Gold Rush. That’s what the majority of his fans also call and refer to him as.

3. What is Tony Beets’s age?

Tony was born on December 15, 1959, which makes him 64 years old as of 2023. He is quite fit and healthy for his age.