Tomo Chan Is a Girl Season 2 – Is A Sequel Happening?

Tomo Chan Is a Girl Season 2

When you think of anime, you think of female characters that are a petite, delicate, and girly girl. Tomo Chan is a Girl brought a new perspective to the anime world and somehow, the fans were appreciative of watching something a bit different than standard.

Tomo-chan, the energetic tomboy with a secret mission to capture the heart of her oblivious childhood friend Jun, stole our hearts in season 1. And, now the fans are wondering if a sequel is on the cards.

If your mind is muddled with a similar thought process, we have all the information sorted out in detail in this guide.

When is Tomo Chan a Girl Season 2 Releasing?

Up until now, there have been no insights or confirmation about Tomo Chan is a Girl Season 2. The creators have reported their interests in renewing the show sometime in the future but there are also confirmed news that depict that a sequel is most likely not on the cards.

There is a lot of confusion and no confirmation yet, so it is all a waiting game right now. If you have been waiting for confirmed news, it is most likely not going to be released anytime soon.

The first and biggest obstacle is source material. The anime faithfully adapted all eight volumes of the original manga, leaving no dangling plot threads for a new season. This explains why the fans are sure that the show will most likely not return with a new season and have already lost hope for it.

What can we expect from Tomo Chan as a Girl Season 2?

If a magical second season does materialize, what can we expect? Possibilities abound! The first season faithfully adapted the manga’s main storyline, leading to Tomo and Jun’s adorable confession. 

So, a potential Season 2 could explore uncharted territory, perhaps delving deeper into their evolving relationship. Maybe we’ll witness their awkward attempts at navigating coupledom, facing everyday challenges with Tomo’s signature athletic prowess and Jun’s sweet, flustered reactions. 

Perhaps the focus could shift to other characters like Misuzu and Carol, showcasing their romantic entanglements or personal growth. The comedic goldmine of Tomo’s tomboyish antics and Jun’s obliviousness could still be mined, leading to even more hilarious hijinks. 

And who knows, maybe we’ll even get a glimpse into their future, seeing them face life’s milestones together. 

Who is returning to Tomo Chan is a Girl Season 2?

Well, if we had to highlight the characters that would return in Season 2, it would include:

  • Tomo Aizawa
  • Jun’ichirou Kubota
  • Misuzu Gundou
  • Carol Olston
  • The rest of the gang

At this point, it is a matter of when things would pan out in the future. So, if the second season happens, these characters are confirmed to return.


Since the creators have now run out of source material, there are strong rumors that a new season doesn’t seem to be likely. However, we never know how the creators shape the show’s future. So, at this point, we’d have to wait for official confirmation to see how things pan out.


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