The Good Lawyer – Has ABC Scrapped the Show?

The Good Lawyer

If you are a fan of “The Good Doctor” and have been waiting for the legal spinoff of the show with “The Good Lawyer”, be assured that we have all the relevant information about the show’s fate here in this article.

With how successful The Good Doctor is, it made sense for ABC to proceed with the legal version of the drama. However, ABC has reportedly stepped down from proceeding and has likely scrapped the entire thing.

To summarize all that we know about The Good Lawyer, we have accumulated all the insights in this guide.

When is The Good Lawyer Released?

Unfortunately, the release date for “The Good Lawyer” is currently unknown. Initially planned for Fall 2023, the series faced delays due to the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild strikes. While a Spring 2024 release window seemed possible, the ongoing cast hold period caused by the strike throws even that into question.

With all the roadblocks and limitations that the show has faced in the production phase itself, it makes sense that the fans are not as hopeful about the eventual release.

Also, there are rumors that ABC has put its foot down and has already canceled the show for good, which has further left the fans in a lot of agony. The majority of the Good Doctor fans were hopeful that the show would end up happening but looks like ABC has other plans.

Whether or not they plan to bring the project back and revive it in the future is something we’d have to wait and see.

What can we expect from The Good Lawyer?

Despite the uncertainty, there are exciting possibilities for “The Good Lawyer.” The pilot episode, aired as a backdoor episode of “The Good Doctor,” introduced us to Joni, a brilliant lawyer navigating the legal world with OCD. The show promised to be a captivating blend of legal drama and character study, exploring Joni’s unique perspective as she fights for justice for her clients.

However, that seems to be the end of the road for this show. Following the release of the pilot, ABC has decided to put a pause on the project and reel it back.

The fans who were expecting a spin-off of their beloved medical drama are now upset that it won’t amount to anything in the future.

Who is returning to The Good Lawyer?

There isn’t a lot of information about the cast since the show didn’t amount to much after the release of the pilot episode. The characters that we did manage to witness were:

  • Kennedy McMann as Joni DeGroot 
  • Felicity Huffman as Janet Stewart 
  • Bethlehem Million

If the show returns and eventually takes off, we can witness these characters return and more additional cast to be added.


The future of “The Good Lawyer” may be uncertain, but the potential for a compelling and thought-provoking show remains. Despite the uncertainty, the fans have not lost their hope and they are pretty sure that things will pan out for the best in the future.


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