Tinglan Hong – Where is Hugh Grant’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Tinglan Hong – Where is Hugh Grant’s Ex-Girlfriend?

If you know about Hugh Grant, there are chances that you are aware of his dating history. Given the kind of fame that he has gained, it isn’t surprising that people that followed him initially often wonder where Tinglan Hong is.

Hong is one of Hugh Grant’s ex-girlfriends. Throughout their relationship, the two of them have been quite open about their PDA, which is why people are now wondering where she is currently and what she is up to.

This article will further look into who Tinglan Hong is and the kind of relationship she had with Hugh Grant.

What do we know about Tinglan Hong?

When you Google “Tinglan Hong”, the majority of the searches depict her as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend. But she has a lot of history in her biography, so let us walk you through that.

Hong was born into a family of entrepreneurs in the Zhejiang territory of Eastern China. Born on November 30, 1978, she had quite a pleasant life and upbringing. 

When compared with Hugh Grant, the two had 18 years of age difference. Further moving on to the education background, Tinglan completed her education at a local high school. Later, she acquired her higher education from the University of Surrey. She graduated with a degree in hotel management.

Hong also acquired a master’s degree in travel and tourism. According to reports, Hong has dual citizenship – Chinese and British.

What is Tinglan Hong Doing at the Moment?

Hong relocated to Britain in 2003, which is when she bagged her first job, working the front desk in a Chinese restaurant. She worked there for around 7+ years.

During that time, Hong was dating Hugh Grant, which left a shockwave among the people around her. Besides owning a hotel currently, there are no reports as to what Hong is doing at present.

There are a few rumors that depict that Hong is also an actress. However, it doesn’t look like we have seen her in any big-name movies to date.

How was Tinglan and Hugh Grant’s Relationship?

Despite how publicized their relationship was, it isn’t surprising that the two of them had an on-and-off relationship. The two met in 2008 in West London but they didn’t start dating until late.

However, they didn’t cross paths in 2011 when Hong was working at a local Chinese restaurant. During that time, Hugh went and met up with her quite frequently, further confirming their relationship.

Hong knew about Hugh Grant’s association with other women during that time but she didn’t let that get to her. Later, the couple were also seen striking PDA, kissing each other in Southwest London, further solidifying the rumors.

Despite having a few good years of being together, the couple later parted ways in 2012 temporarily. Since then, they had an on-and-off relationship but called it quits finally a few months later.

Do Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant Have Children Together?

Hong and Hugh Grant are parents to two children – Tabitha Grant (born in 2011) and Felix Chang Hong Grant (2012).

Despite being parents to two children, they didn’t have a very stable relationship, which is when they decided to call it quits as a couple and went on to co-parent their children.

Following parting ways with Hugh Grant, Hong is currently living peaceful life away from the media and the exposure of the media. She prefers keeping things under the wrap, especially after the exposure that she received during her relationship with Hugh Grant. According to reports, Hong currently resides in a 1.2 million pound home in West London.