Tina Kitten Net Worth 2023 – Breaking Down the Wealth of the South Korean Streamer

Tina Kitten Net Worth

Twitch is a widely growing streaming platform, offering gamers a chance to grow a dedicated audience. If you are a regular viewer of Twitch streaming and also keep up with social media personalities, Tina Kitten is a name you are probably aware of.

With half a million followers on Twitch already, Tina has gained rampant fame and popularity across the platform, bringing in audiences from different countries. Besides Twitch, Tina is also famous on YouTube.

This article will explore more about Tina Kitten, her early life, her personal life, her career, and her net worth.

Early Life

Tina Kitten was born on June 30, 1998, in South Korea to South Korean parents. Although we don’t know what her full name is, her real first name is indeed Tina. 

We don’t have any idea about Tina’s upbringing, childhood, and life growing up. However, what’s known is that Tina acquired her school education from a private school near her home. But, that’s the extent of the information we have regarding Tina’s education.

There is no official information regarding Tina’s higher education or whether or not she has acquired her college education at this point.

Being born into a South Korean family, her ethnicity is Korean and her zodiac sign is Cancer. There are reports that she has a sister but we don’t know what her name is and what kind of profession she is into.

Personal Life

Although Tina has a very public professional life, she prefers keeping things around her personal life away from the media spectacles. She believes that keeping that part hidden from the media helps her have a sane life. She is currently single.


Tina has a diverse career, which has gained immense popularity not only across Twitch but also across other social media platforms.

The majority of her fanbase is based on her Twitch channel, which is where she streams different games and has a dedicated viewership with half a million followers. Besides Twitch, Tina also has a dedicated fanbase across YouTube.

On Twitch, Tina streams by herself and has even posted collaboration videos with other Twitch streamers, like Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Leslie Ann “fuslie” Fu, Thomas “Sykunno,” etc. She easily gets over 5000 viewers per stream.

Tina started her YouTube account in 2019 and since then, she has been working hard to expand her career quite exponentially. She doesn’t post much on her YouTube but the channel has 200,000+ subscribers and a few videos uploaded on the channel.

That’s pretty much the main source of her income. Tina is also active across other social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, which she leverages to further gain more audience back to her account and streams.

All that aside, Tina also sells her artwork for commissions. There’s not much information on how frequently she sells them but they do sell for a good amount of money, which is quite impressive. She also charges people for custom-made Twitch and Discord emotes but these aren’t a frequent affair on her part.

Tina is quite popular in the art community, which is a boon she leverages to her benefit. With consistent growth and exposure, she has easily earned over $2000 from commissions.

Net Worth

With the multiple avenues of income that Tina Kitten has, it isn’t surprising that she has an estimated net worth of $200,000. The majority of this comes via her Twitch streams, followed by her artwork commissions, and lastly from YouTube. She also promotes brands and endorses products, which further adds to her overall income.