The Wilds Season 3: An Axed Ending?

The Wilds Season 3

There have been quite a few drama series that deal with people being stranded on an island following a plane crash. The Wilds were not supposed to be any different from this cliché of a troupe but for the group of people who get stranded on the island. The show features a group of teenage girls who have to fight to stay alive in the wild.

The dynamics of the show that focused on teenage girls and their struggles to survive in the wild give a fresh look to the genre as a whole. Even though the second group of boys emerged in the second season, the show had returned to its initial popularity. Now hints of news have been flying around as to whether or not the season stands cancelled.

Fans refuse to believe that the third season of the show has been cancelled but the truth is often bitter and unmanageable. Here is all the latest information on The Wilds season 3.

When is the release date of The Wilds season 3?

Originally the series had been aired on Amazon Prime. It had witnessed positive feedback from its audience and critics alike. The fresh approach that it brought to the table was commendable.

Season 2 of the show was released in May 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. Following that Amazon Prime had cancelled the show. This came as a shock and surprise to everyone since the show was doing pretty good for itself.

The good news for the fans is that season 3 might be happening as even the writers believe that there are a lot of loose ends to address. So, even if not on Amazon Prime the series will probably make a comeback. The fans still need to wait to know for sure when and where the series is making its comeback.

What could be the probable plot of The Wilds Season 3?

Season 2 of The Wilds had ended at a sharp bend. The team of teenagers was on the verge of a shocking revelation concerning the island they were inhabiting. It is a shame that the show was called off by Amazon Prime at that very corner.

If and when the show is revived, which even the creators believe to have a good chance of, the 3rd season will carry on from where Season 2 left off. Even the cast believes that there would have been significant development in the individual character arcs and more revelations would follow concerning the island. The main plot of the story would of course follow along the same contours that its ancestors had followed while developing further on the same plot points.

What could have been the possible cast of The Wilds Season 3?

Let us now take a look at what the cast would have looked like if the show had not been canceled. Most of the cast members would have remained as it is. Most of the recurring characters would have made a comeback. Here is what the potential cast of The Wilds Season 3 would have looked like.

  • Sophia Ali

Sophia Ali

  • Shannon Berry

Shannon Berry

  • Jenna Clause

Jenna Clause

  • Reign Edwards

Reign Edwards

  • Mia Healey

Mia Healey

  • Erana James

Erana James

  • Sarah Pidgeon

Sarah Pidgeon.

  • Charles Alexander

Charles Alexander

  • Zack Calderon

Zack Calderon

  • Nicholas Coombe

Nicholas Coombe

  • Miles Gutierrez-Riley

Miles Gutierrez-Riley

  • Aidan Laprete

Aidan Laprete

  • Tanner Ray Rook

Tanner Ray Rook

  • Reed Shannon

Reed Shannon

  • Alex Fitzalan

Alex Fitzalan

  • Helena Howard

Helena Howard


It seems unfair to say the least that the show should be axed at such a turn. The writers and makers of the show still hope that the show might make a return. If the show was indeed to make a return, that would be ecstatic news for the fans and audience of the show.