How To Watch The Twilight Films In Order

 How To Watch The Twilight Films In Order

“So that is what you dream about; becoming a monster?” asked Edward, to which Bella replied, “I dream about being with you forever.” The first-ever Twilight film was released in 2008, almost 13 years ago, but it still surprises everyone how evergreen these dialogues seem to be even today! Are you thinking of binge-watching all the Twilight films once again or are you planning to watch them for the first time as your peer has told you about this? Do you want a 101 guide as to which movie to watch first and what order to follow? If you are searching for answers to these and many such questions, you are in the right place. This article will not only tell you about the order but will also provide you with its brief plot, cast, and where to find the movies. So, take a notepad and jot what you feel will help you..

All the films of Twilight are commonly and togetherly known as ‘Twilight Saga’. The basic theme of this franchise is romance in the vampire world, and it is based on the classic novel written by Stephenie Meyer. The franchise revolves around a love story of two teenagers and how the boy’s family prevents the alien vampires from attacking the boy’s lover. Initially, the female protagonist keeps insisting her lover to transform her into a vampire but on getting her idea rejected she understands the problems she might have to face in the future. Later the male protagonist proposes and she accepts it. The franchise has made a total of ‘$3.4 billion’ by its screening.

Here’s The Order To Follow To Not Miss The Flow!

 How To Watch The Twilight Films In Order

The series is quite straightforward to track because the release dates correspond to the timeframe. The only challenge might be that of keeping track of the titles, but if you’re unsure which film contains your favorite scenes, you are not to worry as this article is filled with summaries and hit dialogues. Just remind yourself not to watch it in any order, just like the famous Harry Potter series, or you might not know why Bella’s mother is present in one movie and a high school student in another. Dive in and read at leisure to gain knowledge as well experience the hype behind the series.

1. Twilight

Twilight 2008

  • Release: 2008, November 21. 

Rosalie asked, “Is she even Italian?” Emmett Cullen replied, “Her name is Bella.”

This is the first of the franchise. The movie revolves around Bella, the female protagonist who is a teenager. The film starts by showing that she plans on shifting to Washington, where she decides to live with her father and a police personnel. Since the time she attends school there, she crushes on the male protagonist, but eventually gets to know that he is a vampire. Despite all odds, they fall in love with each other, where the boys allow her to discover the world of magic. 

She then gets familiar with the Cullen household and its inhabitants, comprising the siblings as well as elders. The female protagonist sort of puts herself in danger when she falls in love with the boy as she has many threats waiting for her in the magical world. The other vampire troops have their gazes fixed on her but the Cullen household makes sure that they put a safe distance between the two. Slowly her journey begins in the world of magic, charms and curse.

2. New Moon

New Moon

  • Release: 2009, November 20. 

“Bella, will you marry me?”: Edward.

The deep relationship that Twilight spent developing involving Bella as well as the Cullen clan is abruptly severed in the second picture, New Moon, only moments after the opening scenes roll. Edward’s sibling, Jasper, leaps for Bella, murderous when she sustains a minor cut on her birthday. Bella, who is alone and unhappy, runs right into the hands of her close friend, Jacob when Edward messes up with her, and his household leaves town with little explanation. 

As you might expect, Edward reappears in the picture, resulting in the infamous love story between the three. Yes, it’s time to return to Forks.  It’s also in this movie that Bella discovers Jacob is also supernatural; in fact, everything Jacob told Bella in Twilight is true. This does not simply apply to vampires; it also applies to werewolves.

3. Eclipse


  • Release: 2010, June 30

“Death is peaceful. Easy. Life is harder”, quotes Bella Swan.

The third film of the Twilight novel, Eclipse, features Bella and Edward and how they try to keep their romance going while dealing with the royal family’s demand that she be transformed due to her understanding of the vampire world. Edward promises to transform Bella in exchange for her marriage. Bella has reservations about marrying at such an early age. Victoria returns with just a troop of fledgling vampires, seeking retribution on Bella as well as the Cullens for slaying her boyfriend, James, in the very first film before they can talk it out. 

As during conflict, Edward, Bella, and Jacob get in a shelter, staying away from the action, as the Cullens and also the Quileute tribe resolve to combat together in order to destroy Victoria’s troops. As Jacob catches Edward and Bella contemplating their engagement, he flees in violent wrath, but Bella intervenes by kissing him, revealing that she, too, loves him. She adores Edward even more. When Victoria is vanquished, Jacob finally decides to hold out from Edward and Bella’s way, so they notify Charlie regarding their engagement before moving on to the next fight. 

4. Part 1 of Breaking Dawn

Part 1 of Breaking Dawn

  • Release: 2011, November 18. 

“Do you think Bella will be showing yet?”

“Jess, she is not pregnant.”

“Why else do girls get married?”

The first portion of the fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, is divided into 2 movies in the fourth episode in the series. The initial part commences with Bella and Edward’s wedding, just several months after the climax of the preceding chapter. Jacob shows up at Bella’s wedding, which is a lovely surprise until he finds Bella and Edward are intending to marry on their romantic getaway, prior to Bella’s metamorphosis – a move that might potentially kill her. It doesn’t, but Bella becomes impregnated with Edward’s vampire-hybrid kid, whom they name Renesmee and who develops at an alarming rate, putting Bella’s health at risk. 

When Jacob learns that Bella is expecting and the werewolves are involved, he becomes enraged once more. After Bella almost passes during the birth, Edward is forced to turn her into something like a vampire. Jacob rushes in to murder the kid, but as soon as he locks eyes with her, he “imprints” on her, which really is similar to how a Quileute shape-shifter meets its soul mate. Bella was the prospective mother of Jacob’s soulmate, which is why he felt so drawn to her. 

Renesmee is now secure… from werewolves, at least, because Quileute rule prohibits hurting anybody who has been branded by a resident of the tribe. Not just from the Volturi, for whom the dramatic finale return is hinted at in the post-credits sequence of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. 

5. Breaking Dawn 2 – Twilight Saga

Breaking Dawn 2 - Twilight Saga

  • Release: 2012, November 16. 

“After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I found that I could shine.”

Bella awakens after having given birth as a vampire in the last film, having been transformed by Edward to spare her from the devastating birth. She adjusts to the shift extraordinarily well and copes with it better than the rest of the group. When Bella finds that Jacob is destined to be her newborn daughter’s partner, Bella is upset, but when Charlie demands explanations, Jacob reveals his wolf change, which helps Charlie embrace the unimaginable and welcome Bella’s new state. 

Renesme, Bella and Edward’s daughter, continues to develop at an alarming rate, and the Volturi eventually find her. They think she is an “Immortal Kid,” a human child who has been transformed into a vampire and has been trapped in that mental and physical state for all time. The Volturi have set out to destroy her because eternal offspring is a forbidden subject. 

Edward and Bella enlist the support of allies to establish whether their daughter is not really Volturi’s idea of a human-vampire hybrid, but rather a human-vampire hybrid, unlike the Eternal Youth. Alice eventually persuades the Volturi to leave them alone by revealing them a perspective of a brutal war in which Carlisle, Jasper, as well as many high-ranking Volturi coven representatives perish, as well as trying to introduce their final testimony, one other vampire-human hybrid titled “ Nahuel, who demonstrates that Renesmee can grow and mature peaceful manner. 

This last film concludes with a view of a beautiful future, thanks to Alice’s visions, and the last declaration of affection involving Bella and Edward, whose pledge to be together forever. 


How many Twilight movies are there?

Twilight movie franchise is made of five movies. These include Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1, and Breaking Dawn Part 2. All the movies are linked with each other. You will have to watch it in the right order to understand the storyline.

When was the first Twilight movie released?

The first Twilight movie was released in 2008. The story revolves around Bella, the female lead as she decides to leave with her father. She starts crushing on the male lead who attends the same school as her. Later in the movie, Bella discovers the truth about her lover.

What is the third movie in the Twilight franchise?

Twilight Eclipse is the third movie in the franchise. It was released on June 30, 2010. It focuses on Bella and Edward’s love story while they try to deal with their royal family’s demands.

What is the last movie in the Twilight franchise?

Breaking Dawn part 2 is the last movie in the Twilight franchise. It was released on November 16, 2012. In the last film, we saw Bella turning into a vampire. She finds out that Jacob is going to be her newborn daughter’s partner.

The Bottom Line

If you were a teenager in the 2000s, you probably have strong feelings about the Twilight series. Whether you liked it or not, you were aware of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black’s battle for Bella Swan’s affection. You were fully aware that Bella was willing to give up everything, especially her entire extended family and her life, to be with Edward Cullen. You may have known a little too much. So make the journey back to Forks, Washington. 

Explore Edward Cullen’s, Jacob Black’s, and Bella Swan’s love triangle. Watch as a terrifying birth occurs because we all need to relive Twilight, even if it’s just to recall that it occurred. The Twilight Saga is officially available for streaming on Netflix in its entirety. 

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