The Lowe Files Season 2 – What Kind of Mystery Awaits?

The Lowe Files Season 2

Many fans were captivated by “The Lowe Files,” a reality show featuring Rob Lowe and his sons, Matthew and John Owen, exploring mysteries across the country. With the kind of unique themes showcased, it makes sense that the audience was hooked from the get-go.

However, despite the viewership and the anticipation among the audience, there seems to be no official news available about the show’s sequel and potential return.

We have managed to bring together everything that we could find about The Lowe Files Season 2 and its eventual release.

When is The Lowe Files Season 2 Releasing?

Before you get your hopes up about the show’s return, let us reel things back in. The first season of the show aired in 2017 and since then A&E network has not shed any light about the show’s renewal, which is quite disappointing.

The first season ended with nine seasons and while the show was well-received and quite praised, you can’t deny the fact that there has been no further news about the show from the network or the creators since then.

With almost 7 years since the first season, waiting for Season 2 at this point almost seems like an impossible task. Will it return? The possibilities do seem slim right now. However, we also have to look at the silver lining because the show has not been officially canceled by the network yet.

So, if the creators decide to revive the show and bring it back, there is high chance that it could happen. We just don’t know when.

What can we expect from The Lowe Files Season 2?

While details are scarce, a hypothetical season 2 could potentially follow the same format as the first. We might see Rob Lowe, alongside his sons; embark on new journeys to uncover the truth behind various mysteries across the United States. The show often blended historical accounts with personal anecdotes, creating a unique blend of education and entertainment.

Again, we’d first recommend you watch the first season and familiarize yourself with the show’s format. Depending on that, we can speculate on the following theories:

  • Each episode could focus on a different unsolved case, ranging from historical enigmas to paranormal phenomena.
  • The show’s charm stemmed from the interactions between the Lowes. We could see their playful banter and unique perspectives as they tackled each mystery.
  • The show might continue to weave together historical research with personal anecdotes from Rob Lowe, potentially linking his own experiences to the ongoing investigation.

There are a lot of interesting perspectives and storylines that are left to be explored in the show and we could witness the same happening in the coming days.

Who is returning to The Lowe Files Season 2?

To be fair, the cast of the show will pretty much remain consistent as it was in the first season. It would include the main leads and host. Whether or not they spice things up with new members would remain a mystery.

The expected cast would include:

  • John Owen Lowe 
  • Edward Matthew Lowe 
  • Rob Lowe
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