The First Things To Do As A New Player In Rust

The First Things To Do As A New Player In Rust

Rust has recorded an overwhelming surge in popularity. Many players are turning to this multiplayer survival game to catch fun. These players must manage their health, thirst, and hunger or risk losing their lives in the wild. Not minding the hostile animals present in the game, the main threat to Rust players is opposing players.

So, to stay safe, players need erect bases or partner with clans to boost their survival chances. As a new player, there are a few things you need to do first, ranging from picking the appropriate server to diving into combat.

But if you’d like to speed up the progress of your gameplay, we suggest you adopt our Rust hacks with aimbot. Meanwhile, here are the first things to do in Rust as a new player  

Things to Do in Rust as a New Player

  • Understand the Basics 

Rust is PC-only but may soon come to the console. Here’s how Rust works: you start in the world with only a rock. You can use this rock to collect wood and stone from nearby trees and stone nodes.

Additionally, you can collect cloth from hemp plants. With all these raw materials, you can make a sleeping bag to create a respawn point and a base to keep your most valuable supplies safe.

As you gather more resources in the game, you can craft weapons and repair vehicle scraps nearby to get cars and helicopters. These can help you fight it out against other players on the server. With one aim of surviving in a world with fellow players as the biggest threat, you don’t know who is up against you.

 But by understanding the basics of Rust, you can devise possible strategies to survive.

  • Pick an Appropriate Server

The most important thing about playing Rust and getting off a good start is choosing an appropriate server. Hundreds of thousands of servers have many players ranging from beginners to professionals. 

You’ll see different categories on the servers’ page, ranging from Official to Favorited. Pick a server from the Community or Friends tab as a new player in Rust. The players in these servers are more friendly and more of a beginner to intermediate level. They won’t play aggressively like the players in the Official Tab. 

  • Gather as much wood as possible

Wood is one of the vital early-game resources with a vast benefit. With wood, you can set up your base, craft weapons, build a storage box, and even make a hatchet. Use your rock to collect as much wood as possible. 

If you get up to 100 wood plus 75 metal fragments, you can easily make a hatchet to increase your wood-collecting speed. The more you progress in the game, the more you’ll come across trees that produce more wood whenever you chop them down. So, don’t stop gathering wood unless you don’t need a base.

  • Setup your base as quickly as possible

You can set up your base by gathering as much wood as possible. However, there is one important thing to remember when choosing a location for your base. Picking a safe spot goes a long way in keeping you and your valuables safe. When selecting a safe place for your base, avoid the beach area. 

As many players are there, you’re in no way near safety. Instead, set up your base somewhere far away from the sight of other players. For instance, you can build your base in the deep forest or near places with high resource availability. 

  • Keep gathering resources to craft powerful weapons

Many Rust players will undoubtedly focus on surviving and eliminating other players. This is ideal, but without enough resources, you may be doomed. For this reason, you must keep collecting valuable resources whenever possible. It will help you craft powerful weapons to defeat opposing players.

For instance, if you want to craft a waterpipe shotgun, you’ll need 100 metal fragments and 200 wood. Also, to prepare a revolver, you’ll need 125 metal fragments, 25 pieces of cloth, and one metal pipe. If you don’t have the required number of these resources, you’ll be stuck with a hatchet or a rock. Thus, getting rid of most opponents will be difficult. 

So, keep gathering resources to create powerful weapons.


There are many things to do first in Rust as a new player. However, you must first understand the basics of the game you’re playing. Secondly, pick a beginner-friendly server to meet less aggressive players. 

Furthermore, gather as much wood and resources as possible. They’ll come in handy when building your base and crafting weapons. More importantly, set up your base in a secluded location. You don’t want to be spotted almost immediately after you start your game.

 Try these, and you’ll make the most of your Rust gameplay.