The Expanse Season 7: Why is a 7th Season Unlikely to Happen?

The Expanse Season 7

The Expanse is widely considered to be one of the best contemporary science fiction series. 

After having premiered 6 successful seasons the creators of the show now find themselves at a crucial position. While news of a 7th season in the making has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, no solid update has yet been received from the end of the creators of the show.

This delay in the update has not stopped the fans of the show from waiting enthusiastically for some sort of positive news from the creators. So if you are one such ardent fan of the show and have come scavenging across the Internet to find some sort of news on any upcoming season of the show, you are at the right place.

Here you can get a quick recap of the show so far as well as predictions of a probable release date of The Expanse season 7.

What is the possible release date for The Expanse season 7?

The Expanse had originally aired on SyFy. Even then it had suffered a minor setback as the show was deemed to be cancelled after its 3rd season. After that, Amazon had come to its rescue but even then the franchise suffered another shutting down after season 6.

The show dates back to November 2015 when its first season premiered. While there is news in circulation that a 7th season of the show might follow sometime towards the end of 2024, no concrete news is available as of yet.

There is much anticipation and apprehension that has started to grow among the fans given the show’s previous record of being called off.

What could be the probable plot of The Expanse season 7?

There is a high chance that if a 7th season is at all in the making, it would probably feature an ending happy and happening enough. The plot line of the show follows the successful colonization of Mars as well as some other parts of our solar system. Many events and twists of season 6 circle around this colonization in various fashions. 

Viewers of the show would know that the stories of The Expanse universe are based on a book that continues through 8 series, written by James S A Corey. According to the book collection the events that are set to occur after the 6th season of the show take place after a gap of 3 decades. So, while the foundational blueprint of the show can be expected to remain quite the same, there could be some big twists waiting following a gap of 30 years if and when a following season was to be announced.

Who would possibly feature in The Expanse season 7?

The fans of the show can also expect the cast of the show to remain very similar to the cast that had featured in the previous seasons of the show. Here are the probable actors and their corresponding characters that the viewers could expect to see in The Expanse Season 7:

  • Thomas Jane (as Joe Miller)

Thomas Jane

  • Paulo Costanzo (as Shed Garvey)

Paulo Costanzo

  • Wes Chatham (as Amos Burton)

Wes Chatham

  • Steven Strait (as Jim Holden/James Holden)

Steven Strait

  • Florence Faivre (as Julie Andromeda Mao)

Florence Faivre

  • Dominique Tipper (as Naomi Nagata)

Dominique Tipper

Some other recurrent characters and actors could also be seen in the series but due to the lack of any solid news, no final list can be predicted as of yet.


The creators of the show agree that season 6 ended at such a bend that the audience could easily attain closure. However, excited fans are still waiting for a season 7 to follow. Furthermore, given the performance of the association of Amazon and the creators of the show, it is only natural that the viewers eagerly await a powerful and rational confusion to the gripping tale that had started way back in 2015.