The Chi Season 6 – Has Showtime Renewed the Show?

The Chi Season 6

Ever since the release of the first season, The Chi has garnered a dedicated fanbase that has supported the show through each season. Within four years, the creators of the show have released five seasons, making it one of the most anticipated releases.

The fifth season of The Chi aired in September 2022 and since then; the audience has been patiently awaiting the release of the sixth season. To give you a perspective about the sixth season’s release, know for a fact that it has been renewed for the sixth season already.

This article will explore everything you need to know about The Chi Season 6, its release date, potential plot, and the cast too.

When is The Chi Season 6 Releasing?

While the fifth season of The Chi was actively running, the show was already being renewed for Season 6. This means that the popular love, comedy, and comedy series is guaranteed to return with Season 6 pretty soon.

Lena Waithe, who produced all the previous seasons of the show is reportedly producing the sixth season as well. The show, which runs on Showtime, has gained a significant amount of fame and popularity.

Although The Chi has been renewed for the sixth season already, there is no information regarding the show’s official release. It seems as though we’d have to wait for the creators and the network to offer further news about the release yet.

What is the Expected Plot of The Chi Season 6?

If you are new to the show, The Chi, let us start with a bit of a background of the show. The Chi follows the life of a group of people hailing from the south side of Chicago. What’s great about the show is the way the creators have portrayed realism and practicality with each character.

Nothing is unnatural or exaggerated in the plot, which has made the whole show a lot more relatable and worth watching.

Even the official synopsis of the series suggests that the show follows the typical lives of the people living on the south side of Chicago. While the children get ready for school, the adults get ready to leave for work while the older people sit in front of their home to keep an eye out on things.

The series follows each character’s growth and evolution and the kind of connection each one of the characters has while living in a constant state of peril. Each day living in the southern side of Chicago brings a new challenge for the residents, which is depicted in the show at length.

Who will be cast in The Chi Season 6?

With the primary cast remaining pretty much the same throughout the first five seasons, we can hope that the same will be the case in The Chi Season 6 as well.

What’s great about The Chi is that it introduces new characters each season, which expands the cast list quite significantly. However, the following are some of the cast that are set to return in the sixth season:

  • Jacob Latimore

Jacob Latimore

  • Alex R. Hibbert

Alex R. Hibbert

  • Michael Epps

Michael Epps

  • Shamon Brown Jr.

Shamon Brown Jr


  • Yolonda Ross

Yolonda Ross

  • Birgundi Baker

Birgundi Baker

  • Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill

  • Tyla Abercrumbie

Tyla Abercrumbie

  • Curtiss Cook

Curtiss Cook

  • Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine

  • Genesis Denise Hale

Genesis Denise Hale

  • Tai Davis

Tai Davis

  • Luke James

Luke James

  • Judae’a


Whether or not the creator introduces more new characters in the main or supporting role is something we’d have to wait to check out.

Is there a Trailer for The Chi Season 6?

The majority of the audience went crazy when they came to know that The Chi has been renewed for Season 6 already. However, things took a sharp turn when the creators didn’t confirm any release date.

With no confirmed release date in sight, we can pretty much confirm that the show doesn’t have any trailer yet. We’d have to wait for the production or the network to confirm the release date for the trailer to be released eventually.

What we’d recommend you do in the meantime is watch the last released season of The Chi, which is season 5. Catching up on the last season will keep the plot fresh in your mind, enabling you to pick up where they start in Season 6.

Where can One watch The Chi Season 6?

The first five seasons of The Chi have aired on Showtime, which means that there is 100% surety that the sixth season will return on the same network.

Since Showtime confirmed that the show has been renewed for a sixth season, it is pretty much confirmed that’s where it’s returning.


The Chi is a pretty unconventional yet relatable coming-of-age series that’s worth watching. If you are someone that’s looking for a well-crafted series that touch base with the entire entertainment element, we’d recommend that you give this a go.