Slasher Season 5: Everything about the Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers, and News

Slasher Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers, and News

If the name of the show wasn’t a giveaway, Slasher is a crime, drama television series that you won’t regret spending your time binge-watching. With a dedicated fanbase to its name, Slasher Season 5 has a set of dedicated audiences that are impatiently waiting for its release.

The fourth season of Slasher has just finished streaming and has managed to leave the audience even more on the edge about what’s going to happen next. That said, this article will walk you through all the details we currently know about Slashes Season 5, its release date, and spoilers.

Slasher Season 5

What is the Plot of Slasher Season 5?

What is the Plot of Slasher Season 5

The official trailer of Slasher Season 5 hasn’t been released, so it’s safe to say that predicting what the plot of the fifth season would be is pretty much impossible.

The story focuses on Sarah Bennett, whose parents were murdered 30 years ago by the Executioner. Despite her moving to a new city to start her life fresh and from scratch, Sarah realizes that nothing has changed and soon finds herself intertwined in a series of murder mysteries.

Each season unfolds a twist underneath that no one in the audience would have otherwise expected to witness.

When is Slasher Season 5 Releasing?

When is Slasher Season 5 Releasing

We still don’t have any official news surrounding Slasher Season 5. So, if you have been awaiting more news on the same, we’d have to disappoint you because there’s no update about the show’s renewal yet.

The fourth season of Slasher released in July 2021 and since then, the audience has been awaiting further news surrounding the release of the fifth season. However, no one associated with the show has revealed anything about the new season yet.

Who is cast in Slasher Season 5?

Who is cast in Slasher Season 5

The cast of Slasher Season 5 is pretty hard to predict, especially because each season ends with certain casualties.

However, if the show were to return with a fifth season, some of the OG cast including A.J. Simmons, Chris Jacot, Maria del Mar, Rachael Crawford, Sydney Meyer, etc. might make a comeback.

  • A.J. Simmons

A.J. Simmons

  • Chris Jacot

Chris Jacot

  • Maria del Mar

Maria del Mar

  • Rachael Crawford

Rachael Crawford

  • Sydney Meyer


Slasher Season 5 is one of the most horrific yet engaging television series available. And, if you are waiting for the release of the fifth season, you’d need to wait a little longer because there is no official news about the show’s release dates yet.