The Black Hamptons – Breaking Down All the Details

The Black Hamptons

Have you finished reading the novel “The Black Hamptons” and have been curious to know about the series and what’s going to unfold in the show? Well, you are in the right place then. The Black Hamptons follows the lives of wealthy Black families and the ongoing feud.

The show has one season already released and is ready to watch. So, if you are interested in catching up with the show and want to learn more about the show’s premise and features, we have all the details lined up for you.

This article will take you along with what The Black Hamptons has in store for its audience and what you can expect in the upcoming seasons.

When is The Black Hamptons Releasing?

The Black Hamptons is already out for the audience to binge-watch. The first season of the show premiered on August 25, 2022, which means that if you are considering watching the show and getting an essence of what’s to come, you can do so now.

There are a lot of factors at play with the first season, so that’s something we’d 100% recommend you pay close attention to.

When it comes to the ratings, the first season of the show has a 6.2 out of 10 IMDB rating, which isn’t the worst for a first-time release. This will set the pace for the show’s upcoming seasons, so that’s something we’d have to look forward to.

The show premiered on BET+, so if you want to catch up, that’s the network that you’d have to go back to watch the show.

What can we expect from The Black Hamptons?

The Black Hamptons, as we mentioned in the beginning, follow the novel with the same name. So, if you have already read the novel, chances are that you have an idea about the plot and what the story depicts.

To give you a bit of a background, The Black Hamptons follows the ongoing feud between two families that are based out of Sag Habor in Long Island, New York. As you navigate through the plot, you get a glimpse into the difference between old and new money and the ongoing conflicts.

Overall, the storyline and character development through each episode is quite engaging. So, if you want to watch a series that is a bit fast-paced, this is one of those shows that’s worth watching.

Who is returning to The Black Hamptons?

Now that the viewers are waiting for more information about Season 2 of the show, we can expect the primary cast to make a comeback, including:

  • Lamman Rucker

Lamman Rucker

  • Mike Merrill

Mike Merrill

  • Elise Neal

Elise Neal

  • Cameo Sherrell

Cameo Sherrell

  • Karon Joseph

Karon Joseph

  • Vanessa Bell Calloway

Vanessa Bell Calloway

  • Jordan Austin Smith

Jordan Austin Smith

This is the main cast and we can expect further supporting characters to be added to the list as well.


The Black Hamptons has a very engaging storyline and the fans are now awaiting more insights about the show’s renewal for a second season. If you have been wondering what’s next, it looks like the wait will be slightly longer until BET+ reveals further insights.


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