The best Slingo games to play

The best Slingo games to play

Playing at an online casino is always non stop fun. There are so many different options to choose from and there’s always something new going on. Everyone loves playing a game and it’s even more exciting when there’s the chance to come away with some extra cash.

You might have heard of one of the newer games that has really ramped up in popularity lately. It’s called Slingo and it’s just as much fun as everyone says it is. You can play all kinds of Slingo games at Rainbow Riches Casino – there are so many, you’ll find it difficult to just pick one!

If you’re new to Slingo and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ll be taking you through exactly how to play as well as helping you find the right Slingo game for you.

How to play Slingo

Slingo, as the name suggests, is a mix of both bingo and slot games. These are two of online casino players favourite games and the mixture of the two is even more fun. Playing Slingo is super easy but there are a few more elements than a traditional slot game.

Just like in bingo, you start off your Slingo game with a 5×5 grid that has randomly generated numbers on it. The aim of the game is to check off all the numbers in a row and the number of rows you get will dictate how much you win.

You can either check off these numbers in a horizontal, vertical or even a diagonal row. If you manage to get a full house, then you know you’re really on to a winner!

The only difference in Slingo is that the numbers aren’t just randomly generated or called out by a person. In order to get a number to check off your grid, you need to spin the reel. This is the slot game element of Slingo that chooses whether or not you get to check a number off the grid.

If you run out of spins before you manage to cross off a line on your grid, you’re always able to purchase extra spins. This will boost your chances of being able to get a row and win. And on some games, getting an extra spin can mean that you could trigger a bonus round! This means even more prizes to be won.

Best Slingo games to play

  • Deal or No Deal Slingo

Deal or No Deal is one of the most popular TV game shows and has been around for years. So, it should come as no surprise that’s it’s managed to cross over into the online gaming world.

This game of Slingo has a couple of little deviations from the rules to make it more like the game show. There are 26 boxes with a different cash prize in each – just like in the TV show. You have 10 spins to open the boxes and all you need to do is hit ‘Spin’ to get started.

Matching the symbol on top of the box to the symbol you landed on will eradicate the box from the game. Just like in the TV show, you want to get rid of the boxes with the smallest cash prizes in them.

If you manage to get four Slingos, you will get an offer from the banker. You can either take this offer or keep on playing. Every subsequent Slingo after that will get another offer from the banker and you have to decide whether it’s worth taking the risk or not.

  • Slingo Advance

If you’re already a Slingo veteran and want to take your game further, you might be after Slingo Advance. In this game, you have to make your way up the different levels in order to be able to win the top prizes.

You have to match a certain symbol to be in with a shot of going to the next level. And as you go up another level, you’ll need a higher amount of symbols to be in with a chance of winning. As ever, there’s always a chance to buy extra spins to maximise your chances.

  • Slingo Centurion

If you’re a history buff, you’re bound to be a fan of Slingo Centurion. This game is set way back in Roman times – but the rules are much the same as a standard game of Slingo.

You still have to match five numbers in a row but there are some symbols that could help you out. There are Free Spin symbols that will give you a free spin that you can use. But look out for the Devil symbols – they’ll be the ones who try and block you from matching a symbol or number on your grid.

With so many different Slingo games out there, it can be tough to pick just one. But which game do you think you’d like to try out first?