The A-List Season 3 – Unravelling the Mysteries atop Peregrine Island

The A-List Season 3

Teen mystery shows are on the rise and among all of the available options; The A-List has been making the rounds on the internet recently. If you are a fan of the show and have been looking for more updated news about the third season, you have come to the right place.

We don’t have any confirmed news about the third season’s fate yet, which suggests that the wait will be slightly longer than you initially anticipated. But the question is, “What will the new season have in store?”

If you are sitting there wondering what’s next, be assured that we have sorted out all the information about The A-List Season 3 and its release.

When is The A-List Season 3 Releasing?

Has Netflix renewed The A-List for a third season yet? Looks like the answer to that would be a no. There is a lot of confusion about the show’s renewal, which explains why the fans are still disappointed that a new season isn’t going to be released sometime soon.

Hints suggest filming might have wrapped up in early 2023, but a definitive release date is still elusive. While some speculate on a late summer 2024 arrival, others whisper of a possible holiday season surprise.

There is a lot of confusion related to the third season’s release at this point, so it is safe to assume that we’d have to wait for the creators or network to shed some light on the situation. Until then, it is all a waiting game.

What can we expect from The A-List Season 3?

The season two finale left us with a cliffhanger that could shatter the fragile peace on Peregrine Island. Amber’s manipulative reign seemingly came to an end, but the island’s secrets are far from exhausted. 

Whispers of a hidden lab, lingering memories of a forgotten summer, and the return of repressed emotions promise a season rife with intrigue and uncertainty. Expect alliances to shift and loyalties to crumble as the campers navigate the aftermath of Amber’s downfall. New friendships and unexpected partnerships will emerge, while old rivalries may reignite. 

The island’s secrets will continue to unravel, potentially revealing the truth behind the mysterious phenomena that have plagued Peregrine for generations. The line between reality and illusion will blur further, leaving viewers questioning everything they thought they knew.

Who is returning to The A-List Season 3?

When The A-List returns with a third season, we can expect the primary cast to return. This would include:

  • Ellie Duckles as Amber 
  • Lisa Ambalavanar as Mia 
  • Jacob Dudman as Dev 
  • Max Lohan as Luka 
  • Micheal Ward as Brendan 
  • Rosie Dwyer as Alex 
  • Indianna Ryan as Midge 
  • Savannah Baker as Kayleigh 
  • Eleanor Bennett as Jenna 
  • Georgina Sadler as Petal 
  • Benjamin Nugent as Harry 
  • Barnaby Tobias as Dev 
  • Jack Kane as Zac 
  • Nneka Okoye as Mags 
  • Cian Barry as Dave 
  • Dylan Brady as Sam Sutherland 
  • Finty Williams Dr. Shaw


The A-List Season 3 promises to be a rollercoaster ride of suspense, drama, and teenage angst. Although there is no confirmed news about the show’s release date at this point in time, we can expect things to change in the future.


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