The 7 Lives of Lea Season 2 – Is the Sequel a Possibility?

The 7 Lives of Lea Season 2

Fans of “The 7 Lives of Lea,” the French time-hopping miniseries, are still reeling from the season finale’s dramatic conclusion. Given that the show was released as a miniseries, it makes sense that the fans are curious to know what’s next.

Léa, after inhabiting the bodies of seven individuals in the ’90s, seemingly saved Ismaël while sacrificing her future. However, there’s one question in the audience’s minds. Is the sequel going to happen? Will the creators end the series for good? Well, it looks like there is no confirmed or official news yet.

In this article, we will discuss more about the 7 Lives of Lea Season 2 and its eventual release date.

When is The 7 Lives of Lea Season 2 Releasing?

The 7 Lives of Lea is a Netflix original series, which means that Netflix is the one responsible for renewing the show for a new season. If you are hopeful about an eventual release, we’d suggest that you hold onto your horses for the time being.

Netflix has not confirmed anything about the series’ renewal yet. So, if you are wondering what’s next, it looks like you’d have to wait until Netflix or the showrunners reveal more insights about the show.

That said, the show’s popularity, critical acclaim, and cliffhanger ending leave the door open for a second season. Viewers’ insatiable curiosity about Ismaël’s fate and Léa’s ultimate purpose could incentivize renewal.

What can we expect from The 7 Lives of Lea Season 2?

Season 2, should it arrive, could weave its magic in several directions. One possibility is exploring the ramifications of Léa’s choice. Did she truly vanish from her own time? Can she somehow return, having altered the past and Ismaël’s destiny? 

Another tantalizing path lies in introducing new protagonists with unique time-altering abilities. Perhaps another life hangs in the balance, demanding intervention from a different timeline. The show’s creators could even delve deeper into the mechanics of time travel, revealing its rules and limitations, and adding an intriguing layer of scientific complexity.

The first season of the show ended with a cliffhanger, which means that there are a lot of things left to unravel in the sequel. If Netflix doesn’t bring the show back, there are a lot of questions that will remain unanswered.

Who is returning to The 7 Lives of Lea Season 2?

The fate of a second season of the show remains unconfirmed at this point. So, when it comes to the cast, it will pretty much include all the staple cast members, including:

  • Raïka Hazanavicius as Léa
  • Khalil Ben Gharbia as Ismaël
  • Marguerite Thiam Donnadieu as Karine
  • Samuel Benchetrit as Stéphane


The 7 Lives of Lea Season 2 is highly anticipated by the fans but the lack of information at this point has left a gaping hole in the minds of the fans. Given that it was released as a miniseries, will Netflix decide to not renew it? There is a lot that could happen with the show but we’d have to wait to see how things unfold.


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