Sunny Malouf Net Worth 2024 – How Much is the Musical Artist Worth?

Sunny Malouf Net Worth

When often hear about acting and music prodigies and Sunny Malouf deserves a special mention. Not only is she known for her charming personality, but Sunny has also gained traction because of the first single that she released with Silento when she was only 12.

Besides having a successful career in music and acting, Sunny is also a successful YouTuber, which has further escalated her fame and popularity. She has been posting videos since 2014 on her YouTube channel, further escalating her fame to the top.

This article will further look into who Sunny Malouf is, her early and personal life, and her net worth as well.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Sunny Malouf
Birth Date March 02, 2004
Age 20
Country of Origin USA
Profession Actress, Singer
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Richard Malouf, Lilian Malouf
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $300,000
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2024

Early Life

Sunny Malouf was born on March 02, 2004, in Dallas, Texas, and was born to Richard Malouf and Lilian Malouf. She grew up alongside her sibling, Ricky. 

Growing into a family where Sunny’s father worked as a dentist, it is fair to assume that she had a pretty stable and settled life growing up. Her father, Richard, ran the All Smiles Dental Centers in Texas.

However, things became rough for the family when Sunny’s father, Richard was involved in a fraud scheme and was forced to sell his stake at the clinic he owned. Despite the roadblock, the family worked through the challenges and managed to get their life back on track.

While there’s no information about Sunny’s education, her brother Ricky attended Dallas’ Jesuit College Preparatory School, which is where we assume Sunny went as well. Also, there are alleged reports that Sunny belongs to a mixed culture (Hispanic) household.


Sunny’s musical career debuted when she was only 12 years old. In 2015, the singer released her debut song, Lightning in a Bottle featuring Silento. The song gained immense popularity and skyrocketed her fame to the top. 

Given the initial boost that she acquired with the song’s release, Sunny later went on to perform via DigiTour in front of thousands of people. Her carefree attitude is what helped her gain the substantial amount of success that she gained right after the initial launch of her song.

Once her debut song reached the top of the charts, Sunny was signed by TMT Music Group and she was ready to further take on and expand her career with new and fresh releases. 

Besides releasing her original music, Sunny is also a famous YouTuber and has collaborated with leading internet personalities like Jake Paul and Team 10. She went on tour with them where she and the entire Team 10 toured across 21 cities, further expanding their popularity.

Sunny later parted ways and then went on her solo tour, starting in Phoenix, in 2018. Over the years, Sunny has performed in front of thousands of people and has acquired a steady fanbase. Not just that, it seems like just the beginning of her career, and thinks are gradually picking up further for the singer.

Sunny Malouf

Personal Life

Being born in 2004, Sunny is currently 20 years old and is focused on expanding her career and growing as a musician. Although she is quite an open book about her career and creative process of creating music, Sunny is not that public about her personal life.

So, it is safe to assume that Sunny isn’t publicly dating anyone at this point. She hasn’t declared any information regarding her love life to her audience.

Net Worth

With her successful music and touring career, Sunny Malouf has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Given how young she is, and the kind of growth trajectory her career is taking, it is safe to assume that things will only grow for her from here on out.


1. How did Sunny Malouf get famous?

In a world where social media plays a crucial role in the popularity of a musical track, it makes sense that Sunny has gained a lot of traction from her first single with Silento, Lightning In A Bottle.

2. How old is Sunny Malouf?

Sunny was born on March 02, 2004, which makes her 10 years old, as of 2024. Despite her young age, Sunny has managed to acquire a lot of fame in a short period.

3. Is Sunny in a relationship?

Sunny Malouf appears to be single at the moment. There is no public information about anyone she is currently dating or has dated in the past.