“SPIT IN MY FACE” by ThxSoMch – Is it an Explicit and Triggering Song?

“SPIT IN MY FACE” by ThxSoMch – Is it an Explicit and Triggering Song?

If you aren’t comfortable listening to drug abuse or forced drug abuse, “SPIT IN MY FACE” by ThxSoMch is not the song for you. As we all know, songs are always open to personal interpretation. However, listening to the song is enough to give us the idea that the addressee in the song is highly toxic in different ways.

Just an entry lyric into the song depicts a possibility that the addressee is akin to a drug addict and also the kind of person that pushes you to abuse drugs. As you progress into the song, you further realize that the point of romantic interest in the song is also the narrator’s girlfriend.

Listening to the lyrics of the song is enough to give you an idea that the entire relationship is a walking red flag. Both the people in the relationship are attuned to using both drugs and alcohol, which contributes to the toxicity and instability of the relationship.

Also, as we progress through the song, we come to know that the addressee has an advantage over ThxSoMuch, further depicting that of the two, she is the attention of the party and the more popular of the two.

Does “SPIT IN MY FACE” by ThxSoMch Depict Dominance?

The lyrics of the song are fairly understated and repetitive. It doesn’t contain a lot of complicated metaphors, making it easier for people to understand the song.

Where the dominance of the addressee depicted in the song is manifested during the two parts of the song – pre-chorus and thesis sentiment.

The lyrics further clarify that THXSOMCH is not just stuck in a toxic relationship but it is so bad to the point where he is constantly being hit with the blunt end of the knife. In short, the romantic interest in the song is treating THXSOMCH very poorly, which he explains in detail in the song.

However, listening to the lyrics, makes you realize that even though the narrator is aware of the abuse and the red flags, he is willing to tolerate all of that just to be with his sweetheart and his love interest. He is willing to be driven to a point of madness just to be with her.

A simple listen to the song might make you feel that the narrator is highly committed to being with his girlfriend, despite the shortcomings. However, as you grow and listen more astutely to the lyrics, you realize how toxic and unnecessary the relationship is.

For those who haven’t listened to “SPIT IN MY FACE” by ThxSoMch, the song was released pretty recently on November 01, 2022.


There are not many songs out there that directly depict the abuse and the toxicity in a relationship and one partner still sticking around just because of the blooming love. If you are a fan of such themes of songs, we are pretty sure you will enjoy listening to this song without any stretch at all.