“Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan – What Do the Lyrics Discuss?

“Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan – What Do the Lyrics Discuss

One listens to “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan and you don’t even have to listen to it again to conclude that the song is about loneliness and heartbreak. The lyrics are painful but in the best way possible. It wrenches your heart but manages to heal it all at once.

Zach Bryan, who is known for releasing his country music and original music on YouTube, was the first song that went viral “Heading South”. Following that moment of fame in 2017, Bryan went on to attain even more fame following the release of his album DeAnn in 2019.

However, his leap of success came in 2022 when the 26-year-old Oklahoma-born singer released his breakthrough album titled “American Heartbreak.” The album debuted at #5 on Billboard 200 and went on to be certified Gold in just six months.

What does “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan Mean?

If you haven’t yet listened to American Heartbreak from the start till the end, we’d recommend you do that first. The album weaves in 34 beautiful songs and “Something in the Orange” is one of them, which has become a public favorite pretty quickly.

A single listen to the song is enough to depict that the song talks about longing love and heartache. However, in one of his interviews, Bryan confirmed that the song is inspired by “a sunset that Bryan saw one fine evening.”

During that interview, Bryan further went on to explain that many of the listeners thought the song has some deeper and innate meaning to it when in reality, it was him in a cabin in Wisconsin where he was thinking about the word “orange” while staring into the abyss and the beautiful sunset in front of him.

If we had to delve deeper into the lyrics, the song expresses the narrator’s point of view, who has recently ended a long-term relationship but is deluding himself into thinking there is the hope of regaining the lost relationship.

The phrase “Something in the orange tells me we’re not done,” explains those sentiments pretty clearly.

Furthermore, the phrase “Orange” explains the narrator’s end of the love affair and relationship he was in.

Do the Two Versions of the Song Differ?

There are two different versions of “Something in the Orange”. While you might think that the songs are different, they aren’t.

The lyrics are the same in both. The only thing that differs is the melody that plays in the background of the song. While the original one is a little more upbeat with strings and piano, the other version is a more somber variant.


If you are particularly a huge fan of soft, sweet yet painful melodies and lyrics, we’d 100% recommend you go ahead and listen to “Something in the Orange” along with the entire album. Bryan doesn’t disappoint and there’s a reason why the album debuted so high on the Billboard chart. Overall, the song is soothing to listen to any time of the day.