Souper Cubes Net Worth – How Is the Brand Doing After Shark Tank?

Souper Cubes Net Worth

If you like soups and broths, chances are that the concept of Souper Cubes will excite you. The main purpose of the brand was to revolutionize the way people store their leftover food. 

Instead of relying on poor-quality takeaway boxes and unhygienic plastic, Souper Cubes molds and containers help people save their leftovers or even freeze their soups and other foods for weeks and months without any worry.

The brand appeared on Shark Tank and is currently thriving with an overall valuation of around $8 million. We will discuss more about the brand in this article.

About the Founders

Jake and Michelle Sendowski are the couple behind the concept of Souper Cubes. Both of them are geniuses who live in Los Angeles, California.

According to reports, Jake has a degree in Electrical Engineering while Michelle graduated from UCLA. Besides having a lucrative and established career, both Jake and Michelle wanted to venture into the entrepreneurial side of things, which is why they founded Souper Cubes.

Before starting their business, Jake worked as a researcher at Intel Security while Michelle worked at UC Berkeley and later in Mastery Charter Schools.

Founding Souper Cubes

The idea for Souper Cubes stemmed from the couple’s minds while they were dating each other. Michelle, being a soup enthusiast, used to freeze her leftover soup in ice cube trays.

Seeing the discomfort and issues with portion size, Jake suggested that they create their molds to freeze the leftover soup and food items.

Working on their idea, Jake and Michelle ideated and produced Souper Cubes and launched the product in 2017. They are silicone freezing trays with different and customizable designs and compartments to choose from.

Following two years of its launch, the brand managed to make sales amounting to close to a million.

Souper Cubes on Shark Tank

When Jake and Michelle took Souper Cubes on Shark Tank, the company was already profitable. However, they wanted to reach a wider audience.

The couple appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank and asked for $400,000 for 5% equity. Although the Sharks were challenging each other to secure the best deal, it was Lori Greiner who agreed to the asked pitch and closed the deal.

Souper Cubes after Shark Tank

Within a day of their episode airing, Souper Cubes made close to a million in sales. Over the next few months, the brand grew exponentially and even went on to sell its products on online platforms like Amazon.

Besides online purchases, Souper Cubes is also available in-store in Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Sur La Table, etc. The brand is at its all-time high and chances are that the brand will further grow and expand.

With how sustainable and high-quality the product is, it is safe to say that Souper Cubes will only grow in number of sales and popularity too. Reports from Shark Tank’s update suggests that the brand has made around $14 million in overall sales until now. When it comes to valuation, Souper Cubes has a valuation of $8 million.