Kara And Nate’s Net Worth – How Much Are the Travel Influencers Worth?

Kara And Nate's Net Worth

Every person around us has at least once thought about getting paid for traveling around the world. And while it often remains a dream for some people, some end up making things a reality in their lives. Kara and Nate, who are popular travel influencers, are prime examples of that.

Sharing their journey on YouTube, Kara, and Nate are one of the highest-paid travel influencers in the world, who share their journey exploring exotic destinations around the world.

With the kind of fame and popularity they have garnered, it is safe to say that people are often inquisitive about their net worth and the ways they afford to earn the way they do.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Birth Date February 27, 1991 (K)
March 20, 1989 (N)
Age 32 (K)
34 (N)
Country of Origin USA
Profession YouTuber
Marital Status Married
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $2 million
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2024

Early Life

Kara was born on February 27, 1991, while Nate was born on March 20, 1989. Long before they met and fell in love, both of them spent their childhood in Nashville, Tennessee.

Surprisingly while there’s not much information about their childhood and life growing up, it is reported that Kara and Nate has very drastically different professions before they ventured into content creation.

Nate was working as a preschool teacher while Kara owned her own printing company. The two of them were doing fairly well in their careers but wanted something more fulfilling out of their lives.

Personal Life

Given that both Kara and Nate are from Nashville, it wasn’t long before that the couple would meet each other and fall in love. They tied the knot in 2013. 

Since then, the couple has been traveling across the globe in their modified RV van. They prioritize finding cheaper alternatives to their traveling experience and share that on YouTube.

Kara And Nate


Being from different career backgrounds, things changed for Kara and Nate after their marriage. They went on their honeymoon to Belize, which is where they developed an urge to travel and explore the world.

However, the two of them had a completely different passion than your average travel vlogger. Instead of traveling across the 50 U.S States, they aimed to explore 100 countries. With their idea in place, the next thing you know that the couple ended up launching their YouTube channel, Kara and Nate.

Since they had very modest backgrounds and none of them hailed from a rich family, their primary hack with traveling the world was to find lucrative yet cheaper ways to travel. That was exactly what they did.

They started traveling in their Sprinter van, leading a very minimalistic life and owning only the essentials they would need on the road. While they kept traveling and sharing their experiences via their YouTube channel, things stopped for a while when the pandemic hit.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Kara and Nate have an estimated net worth of $2 million. The majority of their income comes from their YouTube channel, where they get paid via ad revenue. Besides that, they also get paid via the affiliate programs, brand deals and sponsorships, and the newsletter that they own and run. 


1. Where do Kara and Nate get their money?

One of the main reasons why Kara and Nate have gained so much recognition is due to their transparency. Every quarter, they give a full report of their income and the sources they earned it from, which is pretty great for newer creators to get inspiration from.

2. How did Kara and Nate afford to travel?

Kara and Nate initially started using their credit card miles and points to be able to afford their travel experiences. Once they started doing it, they haven’t looked back since then.

3. Where do Kara and Nate live?

Kara and Nate are originally based out of Nashville, Tennessee but they do travel the world quite frequently.