Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 122: What We Know About It?

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 122

When reading an ongoing manga series, you need to be patient about the future chapters. Reading one chapter a week can get boring at times, and sometimes you may even lose interest. Thankfully, that’s not going to happen with Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 122 as the release date is already announced.

Like always, the release schedule for Chapter 122 will vary depending on the location. So, if you are excited to know the release date and plot details of the next chapter, do give this article a read.

When Is Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 122 Releasing?

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 122 is on its way, and fans are excited! After the exciting stuff in Chapter 120, everyone is keen to find out what happens next in this story.

The release date is announced, and it is arriving at different times depending on where you are. Before we share the release updates, let us first refresh our memories with the happenings of the previous chapter.

Jinhyuk faced some tragic events as he tried to save Teresa from the skeleton foe. Unfortunately, he couldn’t rescue her, and Teresa ended up in the clutches of the supervisor. 

The supervisor, along with Marya, used some harsh methods, which left Teresa in a pretty tough spot. She had to abandon her previous life due to Marya’s actions.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. The leader of the skeletons had plans to corrupt Teresa and use her against Jin-hyuk. But things took a strange turn when Teresa was assigned to fight Jin-hyuk, and he managed to rescue her.

The Murim army, fearing Teresa’s interference in their plans to harm Jin-hyuk, sought assistance from Veylordum, who commands the skeletal army. They intended to eliminate Teresa through bribery before she could foil their evil plans. Jinhyuk and Teresa are now facing forces that are out to destroy them.

Chapter 120 gave us a sneak peek into the grand-death knight who defeated Maria with a single blow. The story is getting more intriguing with each chapter, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how it all unfolds in Chapter 122, which is set to release on the following dates.

Time Zones Date Day Time
Indian Standard Time (IST) October 12, 2023 Tuesday 8:30 PM
Pacific Time (PST) October 12, 2023 Thursday 08:00 AM
Central European Time (CEST) October 12, 2023 Thursday 05:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time (JST) October 13, 2023 Friday 12:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST) October 13, 2023 Friday 12:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (ACST) October 13, 2023 Friday 01:00 AM

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 122 – What To Expect?

Fans of Solo Max-Level Newbie must be excited for some spoilers. Well, we have got some information that we are about to share with you.

In chapter 122, the Ahjin becomes official and a large crowd can be seen gathering around Jin-Hui and Jin-Woo.

Jin-Cheol surprises everyone by appearing in full armor. He expresses his desire to join the mission, revealing that he has received permission to do so. After three hours have passed, we find Woo Jin-Cheol in a meeting with the chairman. This is where the real storytelling begins.

Where Can I Read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 122?

If you are excited to read Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 122, you will find it on Naver Webtoon in Korean language. For English readers, they will have to wait longer for the chapter to be translated.


Solo Max-Level Newbie has captured the hearts of millions of readers with its engaging storyline, and exciting characters. There’s no denying that it has carved out a special place in the world of manga.


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