Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110: What’s Coming Next?

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110

Chapter 110 of “Return of The Legendary Spear Knight,” official spoilers have ignited a lot of excitement within the manga community. Everyone is talking about the unexpected twists in the plot, critical events, and character interactions that lie ahead.

If you have been following this manhwa for some time now, you are probably eager to learn about the upcoming chapter. So, let’s not wait any longer and dive into the details.

When Is Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110 Released?

With the amount of excitement surrounding this manga series, it is obvious that fans are thrilled to get another new chapter. But before we share the release dates, let us take a look at the things that happened in the previous chapter.

Chapter 109 was a thrilling installment in this comic series. We saw Joshua confronting one of his toughest opponents, Duke Teremlin, who possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills.

Teremlin’s power seems to top even that of ordinary humans as if the very stars themselves bow before him. The power gap between him and Joshua appears immense, setting the stage for a challenging showdown.

Despite the odds, Joshua is unstoppable and faces Teremlin with everything he’s got. The stakes are sky-high, should Joshua falter, the peace of the land hangs in the balance. But no matter the cost, he is determined to emerge victorious.

Now that chapter 109 is over, fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter to drop. The good news is, we already have the release dates. Check out the below table for the details.

Time Zones Date Day Time
Indian Standard Time (IST) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 8:30 PM
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 7:00 AM
Central Daylight Time (CDT) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 09:00 AM
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM
Philippines Standard Time (PST) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 11:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SGT) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 11:00 PM
Greenwich Mediterranean Time (BST) October 10, 2023 Tuesday 05:00 PM

Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110 – What To Expect?

Chapter 110 of “Return of the Legendary Spear Knight” promises an exciting challenge for Joshua and his knight, as they find themselves facing an approaching army. 

A small platoon is sent to capture the protagonist, and despite all the difficulties, Joshua and his companion had previously managed to escape their grip. However, their true test begins now and Joshua must take responsibility to protect them both.

Throughout the plot, Joshua has consistently demonstrated his ability to excel under pressure. He perfected his battle skills as a spear knight through countless battles, while his strategic mind led him to victories. Although his loyal knight lacks such experience, he is determined to stand by Joshua’s side, regardless of the consequences.

It’s evident why this knight holds Joshua in such high esteem and is willing to lay down his life for him. He is inspired by Joshua’s bravery and commitment and stands as a valuable asset in Joshua’s quest.

Where To Read Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight Chapter 110?

If you are fluent in Korean, you can read Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight on popular platforms like Tapas, Naver, and Webtoon.

Unfortunately, the series hasn’t been translated into English yet. Naver, the platform hosting the series will likely provide translations in various languages shortly.


The exciting storyline of “Return Of The Legendary Spear Knight” continues to captivate readers. Now that the release date for Chapter 110 has been announced, our wait has come to an end. We hope this article could provide you with the details you were looking for.


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