Sofia Richie Dating Jaden Smith: Is It True?

Sofia Richie Dating Jaden Smith

Many of you are curious to know whether Sofia Richie and Jaden Smith are dating again. This happened after pictures of the two were published online where they can be seen hugging each other. This left people thinking, if the exes are dating again. For those who don’t know Sofia Richie happens to be Jaden Smith’s ex-girlfriend, but they part their ways some time back.

Daily Mail published an exclusive story of the two enjoying at the beach. They can be seen having a good time swimming with each other. Not just that, we can also see some public display of affection going on between the two. According to the same news outlet, the couple was also holding hands.

Recently, Jaden Smith shared a post that triggered a lot of people to ask whether he was in a same-sex relationship with Tyler. Fans are curious to know about Jaden and Tyler, the creator as they never confirmed anything in the media. Just so you know Sofia and Jaden both are of the same age. Right now they are 22 years old. After seeing their affectionate pictures online, fans are excited and hoping that the pair is back together.

Jaden’s family is very close to Jordyn Woods, who got exposed cheating with Khloe Kardashian’s fiancé, Tristan Thompson. After this scandalous incident, Jordyn’s friendship ended with Kylie Jenner, sister of Khloe Kardashian. We have news that Sofia and Scott Disick, fiancé of Kourtney Kardashian have broken up. Maybe this is why Sofia is going out with Jaden. If this is the case, then both of them have a really good chance to rekindle their old flames.

After Jordyn’s scandalous act, it was Smith’s family that helped her get back to normal. We are expecting that they may be helping Sofia the same way. However, we cannot confirm anything yet.

Scott and Sofia are done with each other and they have already made it clear. Many people think that now Scott will get back to Kourtney Kardashian after breaking up with Sofia Richie. If you haven’t seen the cozy pictures of Jaden and Sofia yet, then you can go to Daily Mail and check it out.

By looking at the pictures, we simply cannot deny that they both look great together. They may be exes, but they seem to share a great bond. This can be seen in the pictures. From their body language, we are forced to assume that they be already a couple. However, we will have to wait unless the pair declares it officially.

Right now both of them haven’t spoken a word about their relationship in the media. But if we go by the pictures, then we are sure that something is brewing between the two.

We hope to see more such cute pictures of Jaden Smith and Sofia Richie together. If they are already back together, then it’s good for them. But for us fans, we are just waiting for a confirmation from the pair’s end.


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