So Help Me Todd Season 3 – What We Know and What to Expect

So Help Me Todd Season 3

Not every courtroom drama that you come across is boring and So Help Me Todd is an example of that. The mother-son duo of Margaret and Todd has gained a lot of traction among the audience and with two successful seasons, the fans looking forward to the release of Season 3.

The second season released in 2023, so expecting a new season right off the bat seems a bit of a reach. At this point, we can confirm that the show hasn’t been canceled but there is no news about the show’s renewal yet.

If you are curious about So Help Me Todd Season 3, we will discuss all the details about the new season and cancellation rumors in detail.

When is So Help Me Todd Season 3 Releasing?

The first season of So Help Me Todd was released in 2022 and the second season was released in 2023. So, to expect a third season right away doesn’t make sense at all.

The show premiered on CBS, so the renewal for a new season will come from them and there seems to be no news from the network yet. So, to guess that a new season will be around the corner doesn’t seem plausible at this point.

Some of the rumors initially claimed that So Help Me Todd will be cancelled for good but CBS has not officially commented on the situation. There seems to be no news about the show’s cancellation from any official outlets, so it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be released sometime in the future.

Most of the speculations depict that a 2025 release seems like the most possible option at this point.

What can we expect from So Help Me Todd Season 3?

The new season promises to deliver more of the show’s signature blend of legal intrigue and heartwarming family dynamics. 

We can expect to see Margaret and Todd continue to work together on complex cases, utilizing their contrasting strengths and styles to achieve justice. Their professional partnership will undoubtedly lead to further growth and understanding between them. 

Beyond the legal cases, the third season will delve deeper into the personal lives of the characters. We can expect to see Margaret navigate the challenges of her career and personal life, while Todd continues to explore his path and potential.

Who is returning to So Help Me Todd Season 3?

Most of the OG cast from the first two seasons will make a comeback in the third season as well. This would include:

  • Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright
  • Skylar Astin as Todd Wright
  • Madeline Wise as Allison
  • Tristen J. Winger as Sam
  • Inga Schlingmann as Susan
  • Rosa Evangelina Arredondo as Olivia


Whether or not So Help Me Todd Season 3 is happening depends on when the network decides to renew the show for a new season. At this point, with the second season ending in 2023, the possibility of a new season doesn’t seem to be a possibility before 2025.


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