Why Did Jill and Ryan Divorce? What Led to The Separation?

Why Did Jill and Ryan Divorce? What Led to The Separation?

Oftentimes, we watch people on television, especially when it involves reality TV shows and we become invested in their lives. Besides the reality shows, names like Jillian Escoto and Ryan Manna, both of whom hail from the entertainment industry have been making the rounds lately.

One thing that’s quite interesting about the couple was their sudden separation, which none of the fans expected. Jill, who is the host of “Valentine in the Morning” and Ryan, who is a celeb TV writer, have remained silent about their separation.

If you are a fan of Jill and Ryan and have been wondering why they separated, you have come to the right place. We have all the details.

What led to the Break Up and Divorce of Jillian and Ryan?

Unlike the other celebrity couples, Jillian and Ryan didn’t gain that much of the spotlight but they did have their dedicated fanbase that was rooting for them.

However, what we don’t know is the reason behind their separation. While everything seemed to be normal and quite settled in the beginning, it ended up being a complete disaster, leaving the fans in shock. 

The two of them have not spoken publicly about their break-up and divorce, which further complicates things a little bit because there’s no way for us to understand what went down. All the reasons behind their divorce, at this point, seem to be confusing and unclear.

One of the most common rumors is their lack of time for each other. The two of them had a very busy schedule, which prevented them from enjoying each other’s company, leading to the cracks in their relationship.

Another rumor that has sparked controversies is Ryan and Jillian’s opposite personality. Throughout their relationship, Ryan seemed to be quite focused on his work while Jillian seemed like the carefree one. That could have caused contradictions as well.

Where are Ryan and Jillian after their Divorce?

It is never easy seeing your favorite couples separated and while fans are quite supportive, they are also curious to know about the aftermath. Since Ryan and Jillian haven’t spoken about the divorce or clarified what’s going on, some of the fans are curious to know how things are.

While Ryan seems to have returned to his work and is focusing on his career, Jillian has taken the split quite worse. It has likely affected her emotionally and it is never easy to recover from a break-up after you have been with that person for so long.

Not just on the couple, it looks like their sudden separation has also taken a toll on the people around them. However, everyone seems to be settling in and we wish nothing but the best for the couple and their future.


Jillian and Ryan were a public favorite but their divorce was amicable. We don’t know if they are still in touch or what kind of relationship they share but we hope that it’s for their better and that they feel nothing but the best in their individual lives.


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