Simran Khan Web Series – What Are the Top Web Series to Watch in 2023?

Simran Khan Web Series

We are currently living a life where people are reliant on web series as their primary source of entertainment. You aren’t the only one if you think that you are addicted to web series. That said, if you are planning to spice things up and watch some unique web series, we’d recommend that you watch Simran Khan starring web series.

There are quite a few different ones available online that we’d highly recommend you check out. For those who are new and don’t know who Simran Khan is, she is a famous web series actress and a model.

This article will explore everything you potentially need to know about Simran Khan and the web series she has acted in.

Where can one watch the Simran Khan web series?

If the name Simran Khan doesn’t ring a bell for you, it is mainly because most of Simran’s web series is available on Ullu, which is one of the most underrated streaming platforms.

You won’t find many people talking about Ullu and the web series they produce and release. Simran rose to fame with her first web series on Ullu, titled “Palangtod Caretaker.” 

Soon after, she started gaining rapid popularity and was able to build a dedicated fanbase for herself on the internet.

What are the popular Simran Khan web series?

Now, like most of the Ullu web series, even the ones that Simran Khan has acted in contain mature and sexual content, which means they aren’t kid-friendly at all.

That said, Simran has acted in multiple web series, which are worth mentioning. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Palang Tod Caretaker

Palang Tod Caretaker

Released in 2020, Palang Tod Caretaker follows the life of a couple who are living a decent and comfortable life. However, soon after, the husband’s father falls ill and the doctor suggests that he works with a private physiotherapist to restore his mobility as much as possible.

Soon after, the husband contacts a physiotherapist that he knows and he comes to work as a caretaker for his ailing father. However, the story soon unveils that the physiotherapist is the wife’s boyfriend and they have been engaging in an illicit affair all this while. 

You do need to watch the show further to unfold what happens and whether or not the husband ends up finding out about his wife’s unfaithfulness.

2. Lovely Massage Parlour

Lovely Massage Parlour

Following the popularity of the first Ullu web series, Simran managed to star in another web series, which was released in 2021.

The show follows the life of Rakhi, who is faced with financial constraints following some crisis at home. Looking for help and a job, Rakhi reaches out to her friend Juhi, who owns and runs a massage parlor.

Listening to her plight, Juhi ends up hiring Rakhi. However, soon after, Rakhi comes to realize that the massage parlor isn’t as simple as it looks. The clients come to the parlor to fulfill their sexual desires, following which the masseuse is paid.

3. Blackmail Palang Tod

Blackmail Palang Tod

Now, if you watched the first show that Simran starred in, “Palang Tod Caretaker”, you might think that these two shows are related. Technically, despite the similarities in the name, the shows are different.

This one follows the life of a married couple, who are not happy in their marriage and are on the road to getting a divorce. Faced with the turmoil and unhappiness in her life, the wife ends up confiding about the issue to her friend, who tells her to let go and live a carefree life.

The wife’s friend takes her partying and clubbing and she ends up getting drunk. Upon losing her inhibition, she ends up engaging in sexual intercourse with her friend and soon after, their affair starts. However, soon after, the wife’s son ends up seeing a video of her mother’s affair with another man and there starts the blackmail.

4. Video Calling Hotspot

Video Calling Hotspot

If you aren’t looking for something too sexually charged in a web series but want to watch a show starring Simran Khan, this is a good one. The web series was released in 2021 and is available on Ullu.

The show follows the life of a guy named Abhinav, who ends up meeting a girl online and soon after, the two engage in a video call where the girl strips for him on call. However, soon after, their call is recorded and Abhinav is blackmailed for it.

Abhinav later comes to know that it’s the girl herself who set everything up. Afraid, Abhinav tells everything to his father, who is on a quest to try everything in his power to save his son.

5. Manjulika Rabbit

Manjulika Rabbit

Before you get confused with the name of the web series, let us tell you about the premise of the show. It follows the life of a girl named Tanu, who is married to a guy named Manu.

However, during their honeymoon, a ghost enters Tanu’s body and claims to be someone named Manjulika. How things pan out after that is what the show is all about.

6. Moh Rabbit

Moh Rabbit

The story of Moh Rabbit skirts around the top of sexual intercourse, and sexual relationships a lot. It follows the life of a village landlord who has been married for several years but hasn’t been able to conceive an heir with his wife.

Determined to have a child, the landlord ends up marrying another girl. However, in the meantime, the landlord’s wife sets out in the village and starts a sexual relationship with another man in hopes to conceive a child.

Following the web of complicated relationships, things pan out a lot worse than people imagined. You can stream the show on Ullu.


If you have been meaning to watch the Simran Khan web series, we hope this article gives you all the insights you are looking for. Simran is currently in the process of working on more web series, which should be released shortly.