Shows like Inside Job – 10 Enthralling Shows With High Graphics Equal To Inside Job


Inside Job is one of the many well-designed graphic, multi-genre, high-concept series accessible via streaming platforms today. Given that Inside Job was a unique television series, some viewers could find this shocking. The creator of Inside Job is Shion Takeuchi. She imagines the realization of nearly every theory of conspiracy that has ever been proposed, with a particular emphasis on the mysterious elites who run the globe.

Inside Job was debuted in 2021 on Netflix in 2 seasons. The show marked its conclusion in 2023. The 2 season show has 18 episodes. Inside Job has officially been canceled by Netflix.

Even though Inside Job’s dramatic conclusion is unlikely to be resolved, it may never be revealed what exactly Project X37 is for. However, the Inside Job-like series could help bridge the gap left by Netflix for its devoted fan base with these 10 similar shows that you can enjoy wholeheartedly.  

1. Star Wars: Visions (2021-)

Star Wars: Visions (2021-)

Available on Disney+ Hotstar

Inside Job’s distinctive animated style, which aims to be both simple and complicated at the same time (much like its characters), is one of the things that makes the television series engaging. Star Wars: Visions features a similarly energizing dynamic.

Even though there are many stories and well-established mythologies in the Star Wars universe, Visions accomplishes something quite different. Each episode is told and photographed differently, offering fresh perspectives on the world that everyone previously believed to be true.

2. Disenchantment (2018-2023)

Disenchantment (2018-2023)

Available on Netflix

Disenchantment is only one of the many dark animated series that Matt Groening has created. He has a unique artistic perspective. Similar to Inside Job, this sitcom has a unique sense of humor all its own. It primarily centers on Princess Bean and her complex connections with her friends and family.

Like the majority of characters in series like Inside Job, most of the protagonists in Disenchantment are also accustomed to unethical behavior. Disenchantment is also the ideal binge-watch show because it features a serial plot with several narratives spread across several seasons.

3. Q-Force (2021)

Q-Force (2021)

Available on Netflix

Inside Job and the Netflix animated series Q-Force share a common understanding of the traditions of office comedy, which contributes to their charms. Here, the subject matter is the namesake Q-Force, a secret organization made up exclusively of LGBTQ+ people.

Q-Force is a simple but unique show in comparison to most other series such as Inside Job. It’s a charming and humorous series that genuinely enjoys its characters and encourages the viewer to feel the same way. It also pulls off being both humorous and profound at the same time.

4. Primal (2019-)

Primal (2019-)

Available on HBO Max

Inside Job is a comedy about a workplace with darker undertones, but Primal truly goes for the bloody, gory, and brutal. Primal is set in a prehistoric era and centers on the peculiar yet endearing bond between a caveman and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The show is about the everyday battle to exist in a universe where mortality is a constant threat.

Similar to Genndy Tartakovsky’s earlier works, this seemingly simple idea gradually transforms into reflections on society and the development of humanity. Primal manages to pull off scenes that are even similar to Inside Job because of the sparse dialogue and the sparse vocabulary.

5. Blood of Zeus (2020- )

Blood of Zeus (2020- )

Available on Netflix

Inside Job is a master at bridging category lines and creating a unique creative path. It is another brilliant animated series to add to Netflix’s vast library. Among them is Blood of Zeus, which freshly retells Greek mythology. It has an anime aesthetic and portrays a dark, terrifying, and deadly world where even the gods are vulnerable to annihilation.

Furthermore, Blood of Zeus is quite similar to series like Inside Job because of the plots that are carried out by characters that can alter the course of history.

6. Futurama (1999-)

Futurama (1999-)

Available on Hulu

Futurama is also notable for being one of the few television shows to be revived after being dropped. This show is perhaps the best example of a futuristic science-fiction and workplace comedy combination ever. A class apart, the series is the product of a very gifted voice cast and sharp wit.

Although Futurama is a humorous show it still has some of the most dramatic moments in animation, and the affection between Leela and Fry is a model for narrative in the genre. Futurama isn’t simply one of the greatest shows like Inside Job given its immense influence on animated humorous dramas. To be more precise, Inside Job is among the greatest programs similar to Futurama.

7. BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

Available on Netflix

Inside Job and other similar TV shows are amusing at their core while dealing with some serious topics. They are certainly funny, but that’s exactly what makes them entertaining to watch. Even though some of its flaws were overlooked by fans BoJack Horseman is widely regarded as one of the most popular shows of this genre.

The series not only features hilarious moments but also highlights the serious problem. They introduced mental illness and anxiety about their existence that the main characters face.

8. LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS (2019 – )


Available on Netflix

Much like Inside Job, LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS tackles some important issues and never stops trying to push the limits of narrative. The show’s plots and visuals can occasionally be graphic and unsettling. It is the kind of program that leaves viewers wondering what will happen next and, at the same time what will happen after the episode ends.

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS is a noteworthy series almost similar to Inside Job because of its creative stories and exploration of human nature even if it lacks a clear and encompassing storyline.

9. Eden (2021)

Eden (2021)

Available on Netflix

Netflix has released a different animated series called Eden, which revolves around a group of robots that discover the last living baby in a far-off future. However, Inside Job occasionally keeps its main concepts under wraps, but this series explores the fundamental question of whether or not people should be allowed to return to the world they helped to destroy.

It is particularly for those audiences who enjoy shows like Inside Job. Eden is a must-see because of its sophisticated and classy artistic direction. The show also supports the profound philosophical reflections.

10. What If…? (2021-)

What If…? (2021-)

Available on Disney+ Hotstar

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a globally recognized and admired series that has successfully penetrated the animation industry further. The series isn’t hesitant to show massive narratives and tackle some of the more difficult issues since there is enough space in the MCU’s established cosmos for both.

Here, the show asks how certain pivotal moments in the MCU’s continuity might have played out in various realities. Furthermore, the probability of something keeps the viewers hooked throughout. Similar to Inside Job, the theory that there is a force behind everything plays here too. It declares that there exist individuals who possess the ability to grasp the complex nature of the multidimensional universe.


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