Shows like Bad Sisters – 10 Appealing Shows About Family And Murder-Mystery


Bad Sisters is the pinnacle of a dark humor series. It is skilfully humorous and occasionally very unsettling, all thanks to the sharp and outstanding acting from its group. It precisely has a very odd combination that has kept audiences interested in the dark humor for so long.

The plot revolves around a violent deceased husband and the various ways his sisters have arranged to get him kicked out. The tone is both light-hearted and serious and moves fast. It’s worth looking at a couple of the finest examples of this type of show since there’s something quite enjoyable about a story. It engages in razor-sharp wit to uncover and reveal the darkest secrets and vulnerabilities of a certain society.

This TV series has multiple genres to offer. If you are looking for a series like Bad Sisters, seeking a like-minded balance of mystery, murder, satire, and other intriguing sibling tales. Here are 10 similar shows that will keep you engaged.

1. Killing Eve (2018 – 2022)

Killing Eve (2018 – 2022)

Stream on Hulu

One of the most distinctive television shows ever released is Killing Eve. It has all the elements of a well-written thriller, with its concentration on a murderer Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer. Eve is another woman who goes out to bring her to justice, played by Sandra Oh.

However, it has an incredibly sharp and cutting-edge humor, much like Bad Sisters. There are several instances in which Killing Eve’s humor verges on being too dark for the average audience. However, that’s precisely what makes the show so very delightful to watch.

2. Dead To Me (2019 – 2022)

Dead To Me (2019 – 2022)

Stream on Netflix

In the intriguing series Dead To Me, Christina Applegate has had an interesting career. She plays the role of a widow who mourns for her husband’s passing and ends up becoming friends with Linda Cardellini’s Judy, the lady who murdered him unintentionally.

Similar to Bad Sisters, the show cleverly switches between real emotional depth and flat-out humor, and both these main characters, Applegate and Cardellini, give excellent performances. The show is primarily about friendship and how it may cause individuals to act and say unusual things.

3. Physical (2021 – 2023)

Physical (2021 – 2023)

Stream on Apple TV+

Physical is among Apple TV+’s most interesting and challenging programs, establishing the streaming service’s willingness to take some chances. Rose Byrne plays Sheila Rubin, an eating disorder sufferer who is motivated to take charge of her life by taking up aerobics.

It’s a very funny comedy with a razor-sharp sense of humor, but like Bad Sisters, it leverages its special sensibility for the greater good. Above all, it’s an assessment of the triviality that characterized 1980s American culture.

4. The White Lotus (2021-)

The White Lotus (2021-)

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If you’re a fan of Bad Sisters but want something entirely distinct, The White Lotus is a good option. The luxurious Hawaiian resort serves as the backdrop for a mystery involving marital violence and Mike White’s strange dark sense of comedy.

Similar to Bad Sisters, the show starts with a murder scene, and then flashbacks tell the story in reverse. Furthermore, the violent union of Eva, and John Paul and the following homicidal aftermath are similar to those of Shane and Rachel. Though both series are elevated by dark comedies they highlight the compromises loved ones endure to keep their family safe.

5. Clan (2012)

Clan (2012)

Stream on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu

Clan, the Belgian television program that Sharon Horgan created, is sometimes called The Out-Laws. Fans are highly recommended to watch the intriguing backstory, which sets a sarcastic tone. This sets it apart from several other criminal cases and provides a great foundation for the main sibling mystery.

Clan follows the story of five female sisters, whose strong relationships deteriorate when one of them weds the repulsive Jean-Claude. He is a cruel bully who makes life unpleasant for everyone. In an attempt to solve the issue, 4 of the siblings plan to murder Jean-Claude. This sets off a horrifying and wildly unpredictable chain of events.

6. Shameless (2011 – 2021)

Shameless (2011 – 2021)

Stream on Netflix

Shameless gradually became one of the greatest shows throughout several seasons. The show is focused on the destitute Gallagher family, headed by their never-do-well patriarch Frank. The show paints a startlingly humorous, unsettling, and ultimately poignant picture of poverty in the United States.

It also explores several threads that bring a family together, much like Bad Sisters. Several Gallagher family members understand that when the chips are down, the only people they can rely on are themselves despite their frequent arguments.

7. Only Murders In The Building (2021 –)

Only Murders In The Building (2021 –)

Stream on Hulu

For fans of the hilarious mystery concept of Bad Sisters, leaving out the most-watched TV show would be a mistake. Only Murders in the Building focuses on an enigmatic death that was revealed in the pilot. Three tenants who share a passion for the same true-crime podcast band indulge their conspiracy theories and establish that the death was a murder.

The series features the colossal funny skills of Steve Martin and Martin Short. It has been compared to Bad Sisters for its irreverent approach, which plays with convention, defies expectations, and provides humorous laughs with honestly hard-to-crack situations.

8. Fargo (2014 -)

Fargo (2014 -)

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Fargo can use humor to make viewers laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time, which is one of its most enjoyable features. In Fargo, perhaps one of the finest FX programs, this characteristic is prominently displayed.

Since it is an anthology series, every season delves into the depths to which individuals will go while highlighting a new group of characters. Despite being just as harsh and unsettling as the Coen Brothers series that it is based on, it also has a very clear sense of humor.

9. The Boys (2019 – Present)

The Boys (2019 - Present)

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One of the greatest Amazon Prime series, The Boys has similar attributes to Bad Sisters. It centers on a group of rebels known as the Boys who aim to bring down superheroes (known as Supes). They are adored and celebrated like superstars while being darkly corrupted and generally horrible.

This dark comedy is perfect for those who enjoy Bad Sisters since it features bitter humor. The story has amazing acts of murder and bloodshed and a deep-seated sense of world-weariness and doubtfulness.

10. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005-)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005-)

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Very few television shows in the dark comedy genre can match the level of absurdity and darkness of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The proprietors of Paddy’s Pub in season 4, episode 8, have gradually exposed their awful nature throughout the show’s multiple seasons. The character of

Dee is very strange and hilarious. The pure awfulness of every character lends the comedy much edge. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is like Bad Sisters in that it explores a lot of barriers and is made even better by the cast’s amazing performances.


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