Shaun White Net Worth 2024 – Unlocking the Financial Status of The Snowboarding Icon

Shaun White Net Worth

If there’s one name that has gained a lot of traction in the snowboarding space, it has to be Shaun White. What’s impressive is that his talent is versatile and goes beyond the realms of snowboarding and ventures into the musical stints too.

To date, Shaun has been titled as one of the most influential snowboarding champions, especially with his success at the Olympics. His distinct red hair has also fetched him the nickname “The Flying Tomato,” which his fans call him for fun.

Curious about Shaun White’s net worth and his financial standing? We will discuss them in detail in this guide.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Shaun Roger White
Birth Date 3 September 1986
Age 37 Years
Country of Origin San Diego, California, United States
United States of America
Profession Actor, Snowboarder and Skateboarder
Siblings Kari White, Jesse White
Parent’s Name Cathy White, Roger White
Snowboarding at the 2006 Winter Olympics – Men’s halfpipe, MORE
Social Media Accounts:
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1.5 Million 
Last Updated: May 2, 2024

Early Life

Shaun Roger White was born in San Diego, California on September 03, 1986, to Cathy and Roger. He grew up alongside two of his siblings, Jesse and Kari.

Growing up, Shaun’s life wasn’t the easiest, especially after his diagnosis of Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare form of heart defect. He had to undergo two serious surgeries as a child to save his life. However, these surgeries fetched him the normalcy he deserved in his life.

Shaun’s passion and interest in snowboarding dates back to his childhood. His brother Jesse was an avid snowboarder and he tried to copy what his brother did when their family would go out for skiing trips. Gaining more experience, Shaun started competing and even won his first tournament by the age of 7.

However, his life completely changed when he crossed paths with Tony Hawk and he was the one who started mentoring him.


White’s career is a testament to his athletic prowess and unwavering dedication. He holds the record for most Winter X Games gold medals (23) and Olympic gold medals in snowboarding (3). His signature style, characterized by technical mastery and audacious tricks, has redefined the sport and inspired countless aspiring snowboarders. 

Beyond his competitive achievements, White has ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors. He launched his clothing line, Whitespace, and video game series, further solidifying his brand and expanding his reach beyond the slopes.

Not only in snowboarding, Shaun White is one of the most versatile celebrities. He has appeared in multiple movies and shows, including “Friends with Benefits,” “Cloud 9” and “Stretch.” He even did the voice acting for a character on “Smurfs 2.”

Personal Life

Owing to the nature of his career and popularity, Shaun’s dating history has been out on the internet quite a lot. He initially dated Sarah Berthel but the two of them separated in 2019 after six years. Shaun then started dating Nina Dobrev in 2020. Initially, Lena Zawaideh even filed a lawsuit against Shaun in 2017 on charges of privacy breach and sexual harassment. However, the charges were dropped due to no accurate evidence.

Net Worth

Shaun White’s net worth currently stands at $65 million, which is primarily thanks to his snowboarding career and the tournaments he has won. Besides that, the athlete has also won a significant amount of money from his career as a business owner and also from brand endorsements.


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