Shahmaran Season 2 – Will Netflix Bring the Show Back?

Shahmaran Season 2

If you are looking to watch a unique thriller and fantasy series that is unique to anything else, Shahmaran is one of those shows that will surely not disappoint. What’s great about the show is the touch of realism that has somehow managed to catch the attention of the viewer’s right away.

The spellbinding blend of forbidden love, ancient mythology, and serpent lore further captivated the attention of the viewers. With the first season premiering in January 2023, the fans are now curious to know when Season 2 will be here.

If you have been curious to know more about Shahmaran Season 2, its release date, and details about the show’s return, we have all of that here.

When is Shahmaran Season 2 Releasing?

Netflix has yet to comment anything on Shahmaran Season 2 and its eventual release. To be fair, we still don’t have any idea how things would pan out, so it looks like we’d have to wait for the network to first confirm the renewal and its release date before we get excited.

Will Netflix bench the show? To be honest, that doesn’t seem like a possibility at this point. The network has been quite upfront about the comeback and details.

With how well-received the first season was, it makes total sense for Netflix to return with a new season down the road. We just don’t know when it will happen. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding that. A 2024-2025 release date seems plausible though.

What can we expect from Shahmaran Season 2?

Season 2 could delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Shahmaran’s mythology. The first season introduced the Mar, a community descended from the serpent goddess Shahmaran and hinted at ancient prophecies and hidden powers. 

Expect more exploration of these elements, with Sahsu potentially unlocking her connection to the serpent legacy. Moreover, the complex web of relationships woven in Season 1 promises further entanglement. 

The precarious truce between the Mar and the Adana family could fracture, while forbidden romances like Sahsu and Maran’s may face even greater challenges. Betrayals, alliances, and sacrifices are likely to be on the menu, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

If you have yet to catch up with Season 1, we’d highly recommend you do that first. This is mandatory especially because you need to familiarize yourself with the characters and plotline to understand things in the sequel.

Who will return to Shahmaran Season 2?

If the show is renewed for a sequel, we can expect to see a return of all the familiar faces, including:

  • Serenay Sarikaya as Sahsu
  • Burak Deniz as Maran
  • Metin Akpınar as Davut
  • Sıla Türkoğlu as Rıza


While the official fate of Shahmaran Season 2 remains coiled in uncertainty, the show’s success and cliffhanger ending leave a powerful desire for more. At this point, we’d have to wait to see how things unfold down the road and how things pan out in the future.


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