Scarlett Jones Net Worth 2024 – Understanding How Much the Social Media Star is Worth

Scarlett Jones Net Worth

How often do you come across people that are lawyer-turned-social media influencers and fashion models? We bet it isn’t as frequent as you think. However, one name that deserves a mention in that case is Scarlett Jones. 

Scarlett Jones is a famous actress, model, and social media star that has acquired her following with her charming personality and attractive looks. With the steady rise she has witnessed in her career, her fans are often left questioning her net worth.

This article will further explore more about Scarlett Jones, her early life, her career, and the kind of net worth she has acquired.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Scarlett Jones
Birth Date June 09, 1996
Age 27
Country of Origin UK
Profession Adult Film Actress
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $500,000
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2024

Early Life

Scarlett Jones was born on June 09, 1996, in the U.K. and has gained immense fame and popularity in her career.

You can’t find much information about Scarlett’s parents and her siblings on public forums and the internet in general. This is primarily because she prefers to keep their identity hidden and out of the media.

Scarlett completed her education at a local high school and later completed her higher education to become a lawyer. She was even a well-known and established practicing lawyer but she knew that her heart and her passion didn’t lie in the field of law.

There are rumors that Scarlett had an affinity towards the creative side of things from an early age and even took part in them when she was young.

Personal Life

With the kind of profession that Scarlett is in, there’s not a lot of surprise that she keeps her dating and love life private and out of media exposure. She isn’t too open about her personal life on her social media platforms too. So, as of now, Scarlett seems to be single.

Scarlett Jones


Following completing her law degree, Scarlett worked as a lawyer for some time but later decided to explore more options in the entertainment industry.

Venturing into the entertainment industry, Scarlett decided to try her luck in the modeling industry first. That’s where she gained her initial kick in her career. However, soon after, Scarlett ventured into the adult entertainment industry and shot her first video in 2021 with a film production studio, DBJ.

Not just that, following the success of her first video, Scarlett shot a series of other videos for other production units, gaining further traction in her career. Leveraging that fame, Scarlett launched her OnlyFans account, which brought her thousands of recurring subscribers. This was what helped her further stabilize her career in the field.

Scarlett is also quite popular and active on her social media channels, including Twitter and Instagram. She has 200,000+ followers on each of the platforms, further establishing her place in the individual scenes and niches.

Net Worth

Scarlett Jones has acquired a steady name for herself in the adult film industry, which has further helped her earn a steady income. She earns a sweet deal with each of the videos she records with the leading production units. As of 2024, Scarlett has an estimated net worth of around $500,000.


1. How often does Scarlett Jones post sponsored posts?

Because Scarlett is quite a famous influencer on Instagram, it makes sense that brands want to work with her. She has close to 95,000 followers on her Instagram and is quite frequent with brand deals.

2. Does Scarlett travel a lot for work?

Scarlett Jones enjoys a lot of paid travel gigs from brands and she posts about them on her social media channels. So, if you want to keep up with the same, we’d recommend that you follow her on her Instagram.

3. Is Scarlett Jones on Tiktok?

Scarlett doesn’t appear to have a TikTok account. But, she uses Instagram as her main source of income through content creation.