Sandy Yawn Net Worth 2023 – How Much Is the Below Deck Caption Worth?

Sandy Yawn Net Worth

When talking about the reality television series, Below Deck, Captain Lee is a name that everyone is familiar with. However, when it comes to talking about someone different yet popular, Sandy Yawn, who is commonly known as Captain Sandy comes into the picture.

With years of experience as a Captain under her belt, she is one of the few female cast on the show. She has been breaking societal gender norms, which is one of the reasons why she has gained the kind of popularity that she has.

This article will further look into Sandy Yawn’s net worth, her career graph, and also her early and personal life.

Early Life

Captain Sandy was born on February 23, 1965. She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Being born near the water was what contributed to her passion for surrounding boats and ships.

One of the most notable reasons why Sandy grew to love boats and ships was her very first job that she picked up when she was 13. During that time, she used to clean the boats near the dock where she lived in exchange for a few bucks.

Sandy was raised by her mother and stepfather and was introduced to the family’s meat business as well. Despite having an interest in butchering, Sandy ended up acquiring her professional license to become a captain quite early in her life.

Personal Life

Captain Sandy is dating her partner, Leah Shafer. According to the reports, the couple met via Facebook and soon hit it off. Within a few months of knowing and dating, Sandy and Leah moved in together. 

Besides her love life, Sandy has experienced a lot of health-related concerns. She sustained a heart attack, recovered, and was later diagnosed with kidney cancer. She is currently living life to her fullest.


Sandy didn’t start her sailing career as a Captain. Instead, she wanted to get the hang of things. She worked as a crew on the boats and ships for around a decade, following which she acquired her professional license from Maritime Professional Training Institute.

Soon after acquiring her license, Captain Sandy was appointed as the Captain of White Star. Later in 2004, she started commandeering yachts. Her first one was Tuscan Sun, followed by Pure Bliss. She gained a lot of recognition in the field, being one of the first female yacht Captains.

However, it wasn’t until her appearance on Below Deck that Captain Sandy gained her initial round of success. She starred in Below Deck Mediterranean, which is a rough spin-off of the original series.

Besides being an immaculate captain, Sandy was also praised by the audience for her behavior and personality, especially towards her subordinates. 

Net Worth

As of 2023, Captain Sandy has an estimated net worth of $400,000. Besides earning a steady salary from being the Captain of a yacht, Sandy also earns a pretty good pay cheque from her role on Below Deck Mediterranean. The exact amount of what she earns per episode hasn’t been disclosed.


1. Which seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean” has Captain Sandy been a part of?

Captain Sandy Yawn had appeared in multiple seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean.” She has been quite consistent with her appearance in the show and even gained a dedicated fanbase from it.

2. What is Captain Sandy’s background in yachting?

Captain Sandy Yawn has over 30 years of experience in the yachting industry. She has worked on various yachts and has held leadership positions, ultimately becoming a captain.

3. What challenges has Captain Sandy faced on the show?

Captain Sandy has faced numerous challenges on “Below Deck Mediterranean,” ranging from managing crew dynamics to dealing with difficult guests and navigating challenging weather conditions.