Richard Heart Net Worth: How Rich Is The Hex Founder?

Richard Heart Net Worth

Those who are familiar with Hex, probably have heard about Richard Heart. He is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world and the founder of Hex and Pulsechain.

He is a serial investor and entrepreneur who is currently serving as the CEO of Hex. Throughout his career, he has founded many successful start-ups. Outside cryptocurrency, he also runs a YouTube channel, through which he communicates with his followers. He discusses cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and other relevant topics.

As of 2023, Richard Heart’s net worth is $500 million. If you want to know more about him, you should read the below post.

Family and Early Life

Richard Heart, born Richard James Schueler is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His birthdate is October 9, 1979.

As a child, he was a brilliant student and learned to read by the age of three. He was transferred from elementary school to a gifted institution for progressive learning.

During middle school, he enrolled in a program called MEGGS (Math Education for Gifted Secondary School Students) to study advanced programming and math.

Personal Life

Although Richard Heart is a famous personality, there’s nothing known about his personal life. He has not revealed any information about his family members. We don’t even know if he is single, committed, or married.

Being a multimillionaire, he is enjoying his life lavishly. He owns multiple real estate and a fleet of luxury cars.


Before entering the cryptocurrency realm, Richard founded multiple small businesses. However, he became most successful only after he started investing in cryptocurrency. He bought his first Bitcoin for $1. Besides Bitcoin, he claims to have invested in other crypto coins.

Richard is mainly popular as the founder of Hex, a blockchain-driven high-interest certificate of deposit project. Ever since it came into existence, it is being criticized for being a scam. But at the same time, it has also generated a significant amount of profits which added to his net worth.

He is also the founder of Pulsechain, an Ethereum fork chain. Once it becomes tradable, it can turn Richard into a billionaire.

Richard has a YouTube channel, where he works as a social media influencer. He interacts with his followers and talks to them about various topics related to cryptocurrency. Given the large number of views, it is clear that he is earning a big amount from his content.

He has also published a book titled SciVive: A Guide to Living Longer and Wealthier. But it is not clear the amount of money he earned from his book sales.

Earnings and Net Worth

Richard Heart is a highly successful man in the crypto industry. A vast majority of his wealth is generated through his company Hex. With another company in the making, he could become a billionaire.

His other sources of income include YouTube content, book sales, and investment returns. As per online sources, Richard Heart’s estimated net worth is a whopping $500 million.