Samsung to Return to Square-Shaped Design for Future Galaxy Watches

Samsung to Return to Square-Shaped Design for Future Galaxy Watches

Samsung is planning to change the shape of its upcoming Galaxy smartwatches, shifting away from the circular design seen in recent models. 

According to a report, the company aims to reintroduce a square-shaped design similar to its earlier Galaxy Gear smartwatches from 2013. This move signifies a departure from the current circular design trend that Samsung has been following since the introduction of the Gear S2.

The decision, as reported by industry sources, indicates Samsung’s intention to revive the aesthetic of its earlier smartwatch offerings, such as the Galaxy Gear series, which featured square screens.

Samsung has demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing the smartwatch ecosystem, establishing itself as a pioneer in this domain with early devices like the Galaxy Gear, which operated on the Tizen/Android platform. While the Galaxy Gear evolved into the current Galaxy Watch lineup, recent developments suggest that Samsung is actively considering revisiting its Galaxy Gear origins.

Sources suggest that Samsung is drawing inspiration from competitors like Apple, known for its popular Apple Watch, which sports a similar squarish design. While specific details about the implementation of the new design remains undisclosed, industry observers speculate that the transition to square-shaped displays could coincide with the launch of the highly anticipated Galaxy Watch 7 series.

The Galaxy Watch 7 series, comprising both standard and classic variants, is expected to debut alongside other flagship devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 at Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event, potentially scheduled for July. Rumors suggest that these new smartwatches will feature Exynos chips and come with enhanced software capabilities.

Currently, the Galaxy Watch 6, the base Bluetooth variant is priced at is priced at $242 in India, with the Classic model starting at $448. However, with the impending arrival of the redesigned Galaxy watches, consumers can expect a fresh take on Samsung’s wearable technology lineup.

Samsung’s decision to transition to a square design for its future Galaxy Watches is poised to invite mixed opinions. While the current Galaxy Watch series has achieved unprecedented success, with its circular appearance, often accentuated by a physical rotating bezel, becoming synonymous with the product’s identity, the shift to a squarish shape is likely to draw comparisons to the Apple Watch.

The rectangular form factor, popularized by Apple, had been previously abandoned by Samsung for its smartwatches. This move may lead some to perceive Samsung as imitating its competitor, despite the company’s historical ties to the square shape in its earlier Galaxy Gear models.


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