What is RokBlok’s Net Worth After Shark Tank?

RokBlok Net Worth

RokBlok is a portable record player created by Logan Riley. It is a wireless device and a better alternative to traditional vinyl players. It retails at $99 which is much lesser than its traditional counterpart.

Many people became familiar with the company after it was featured in season 9 of Shark Tank. The estimated net worth of the company in 2024 is $6 million.

The product is currently selling on Amazon and its official website. If you wish to know more about RokBlok, you should give this post a read.

Quick Facts

Business details: Portable Record Player
Founders name: Logan Riley
Founded in: 2015
Location (Country): Portland, Oregon
Investment Asked by Company $300,000 for 15% Equity
Sharks on board (Investors) Robert Herjavec
Accepted Deals: $500,000 for 100% Equity
Shark Tank Episode: Season 9 Episode 10
Net Worth $6 million
Business Status: Active
Social Media Facebook
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024

Who invented RokBlok?

RokBlok is the creation of Logan Riley. He is an American entrepreneur based in Las Vegas. Before founding his own company, he worked at Apple as a Creative Lead. However, he quit his job to work on his inventions and build his career as an entrepreneur.

As per online sources, he completed his graduation from the College of Southern Nevada. He is a self-taught audio engineer.

Riley established his company Pink Donut in 2015, to design RokBlok. He developed several other products before RokBlok, but none of them worked out.

Developing RokBlok

Logan Riley conceived the idea of RokBlok after realizing that many audiophiles wished to have a cheaper alternative to traditional vinyl records. This is how RokBlok, a portable vinyl music player was created.

RokBlok is a wireless record player that can be paired with Bluetooth. It also has an inbuilt speaker. Due to the compact size of the device, it can be carried anywhere.

It has a simple mechanism and is powered by rechargeable batteries. On a single charge, the device can last up to 4 hours.

Riley invested his own money to create the prototype. He went on Shark Tank season 9 with the hope of raising funds to grow his business. However, he ended up selling the entire company to Robert Herjavec.


RokBlok on Shark Tank

Logan Riley appeared on Shark Tank in 2017. He proposed a 15% stake in his company for $300,000. He was hurled with questions by the Sharks and he answered all of them.

Riley demonstrated RokBlok as the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled portable music player. However, most Sharks backed out of the deal because of the product’s limited market.

Robert Herjavec, on the other hand, offered him $500,000 for 100% ownership rights of the company, $5 royalty for each sale, and a two-year job contract. To everyone’s surprise, Riley accepted the offer.

RokBlok After Shark Tank

RokBlok experienced a significant rise in sales after the Shark Tank episode was aired. It helps Riley expand the product’s customer base. As a result, the company generated millions of dollars in revenue.

As of 2024, the company’s net worth is $6 million. It made yearly sales above $959,000. It is available for sale on Amazon.

However, the company received negative reviews because of its similarity with another product called Soundwagon which was released before RokBlok. Despite the controversy, RokBlok is still in business and growing its customer base.


1. Does RokBlok damage records?

RokBlok is a great and foolproof product but some users have reported that the product does end up damaging their records. The company said that it’s mandatory to use the product the right way and on a flat surface to minimize the risks.

2. How is RokBlok doing Shark Tank?

Ever since their appearance on Shark Tank, RokBlok has been doing fairly well and has earned millions in revenue and they are consistently growing as well.

3. How much is RokBlok valued at?

As per the information we have in 2024, RokBlok has an estimated valuation of $6 million, which is crazy.