Ree Drummond Net Worth 2024 – A Look into The Wealth of The Culinary Icon

Ree Drummond Net Worth

If there are words like rustic charm, delectable recipes, and life on a working ranch, Ree Drummond is a name that deserves a shoutout. Her journey from being a ranch wife to becoming a multi-millionaire is nothing short of impressive.

For the fans who love exploring unique culinary delights, Ree Drummond is a name that you won’t regret exploring at all. A look at her entrepreneurial spirit is enough to depict that she deserves every ounce of success she has acquired to date.

We will take a closer look at Ree Drummond’s net worth and her journey to success in this comprehensive guide.

Early Life

Ann Marie “Ree” Smith, whom we popularly know as Ree Drummond, was born in Oklahoma on January 06, 1969, to William and Gerre. Her father was an established orthopedic surgeon while her mother was a stay-at-home mom that focused on raising three children at home.

Ree’s life growing up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma was quite slow yet rewarding. She attended Bartlesville High School with flying colors. Her first step out from the small town was when she enrolled at the University of Southern California. She became part of a sorority and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Gerontology.

Initially, Ree was planning on visiting her home during summer break and then returning to attend law school. However, things changed when she crossed paths with Ladd Drummond during her visit.


In 2006, amidst the vastness of the Oklahoma landscape, a creative spark ignited. Ree Drummond launched her blog, “The Pioneer Woman,” as a platform to share stories about her life on the ranch, her family, and her passion for cooking.

Somehow, with the uniqueness of her blog, things took off and it started gaining more and more traction and readership. Seeing the kind of success that her blog garnered, Ree decided to author several best-selling cookbooks, each brimming with her signature comfort food recipes and charming narratives.

Her long-running Food Network show, “The Pioneer Woman,” further cemented her position as a culinary icon, offering viewers a peek into her kitchen and ranch life. Beyond her culinary endeavors, Ree established a thriving business empire. “The Pioneer Woman Mercantile,” a brick-and-mortar store and online shop, offers a curated selection of homeware, clothing, and food items.

Personal Life

Remember when we mentioned that Ree met Ladd Drummond during her visit from college? Well, that changed the trajectory of her life. Ladd worked as a fourth-generation cattle rancher and the two of them married in 1996. Following their marriage, they settled down on the Drummond family ranch, a sprawling property nestled amidst the rolling hills of Osage County. Also, the couple are parents to four beautiful children.

Net Worth

With her dedication and persistent hard work, Ree Drummond has managed to acquire steady growth in her career and wealth. Her current net worth stands at $50 million, which reflects the success of her blog and even her popular show with Food Network. She is also a part-time food critic and her royalties from her cookbooks add a significant addition to her financial standing.


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