Raven’s Home Season 7 – Has Disney Channel Renewed the Show?

Raven's Home Season 7

Is the Baxter-Gray household ready for another round of psychic visions and teenage hijinks? While Disney Channel hasn’t officially confirmed a seventh season of Raven’s Home, the show’s enduring popularity and cliffhanger ending in season 6 leave the door wide open for more fun.

Sometimes, some shows leave you with so much nostalgia that you can’t feel anything but want to watch more of it. With the success of the first six seasons, it makes sense that the show would return for Season 7 down the line.

In this guide, we will explore all the details about Raven’s Home Season 7 and what the future holds.

When is Raven’s Home Season 7 Releasing?

Disney Channel is the network that’s behind Raven’s Home. So, if you are sitting there wondering about the show’s progress, it looks like the network hasn’t yet renewed the show for Season 7.

Season 6 of Raven’s Home wrapped up in September 2023, so it hasn’t been long since the last season aired. We’d have to wait for some time until Disney gives us more insights about the show’s renewal and eventual return down the line.

Disney is quite proactive with announcing the renewals, so we can expect them to do the same some time in the future. If the pattern holds, news about season 7 could arrive by March 2024, with a premiere sometime in late 2024 or early 2025.

What can we expect from Raven’s Home Season 7?

Season 6 left us with several juicy cliffhangers, so Season 7 promises to be packed with answers and exciting new developments.

Following are a few speculations that we can expect in the new season:

  • After inheriting Raven’s visions, Booker faces a life-changing decision: embrace his psychic abilities or stick to his path. This internal struggle will be a central theme, with Booker navigating the challenges and perks of being a teenage visionary.
  • Nia’s musical career is on the rise, but fame comes with its own set of pressures. Will she balance her music dreams with her responsibilities as a daughter, sister, and friend? We can expect her to face tough choices and learn valuable lessons about staying true to herself.
  • Raven’s love life has always been a rollercoaster, and Season 7 is no different. Will she find lasting happiness with her current beau, or will a new love interest flutter into her life? Keep an eye out for some unexpected twists and turns in the romance department.

We’d 100% recommend that you catch up with Season 6 if you don’t want to be confused with what’s happening in Season 7. There are high chances that the two seasons will be interconnected.

Who is returning to Raven’s Home Season 7?

Once the show is renewed for Season 7, we can expect all the recurring and main cast to return to the show, including:

  • Raven-Symoné as Raven Baxter
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Booker Baxter-Carter
  • Navia Robinson as Nia Baxter-Carter
  • Jason Maybaum as Levi Grayson
  • Sky Katz as Raven’s sassy fashion assistant, Olive
  • Anneliese van der Pol as Raven’s childhood best friend, Chelsea Grayson


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