Piper Curda Net Worth 2023 – How Much is the ‘Broadway Tour’ Star Worth?

Piper Curda Net Worth

Piper Curda is a famous American actress and Broadway artist who has grown her fame and popularity significantly. In the 25 years of her life, Piper has acted in a bunch of amazing and famous movies and television shows, which has brought her significant fame and popularity.

With a dedicated fanbase to her name, Piper Curda has become a trending search on Google, leaving people confused about a lot of her past, present and upcoming projects in the pipeline. If you are wondering about the same, you are likely in the right place.

This article will further look into who Piper Curda is, her early life, career growth, and also her personal life.

Early Life

Piper Curda was born on August 16, 1997, in Tallahassee, Florida in the United States. Since Piper hasn’t received a diverse range of popularity yet with the handful of movies and shows she has acted in, it isn’t surprising that not many people are aware of her early life, her parents, and her siblings.

Besides that, Piper also has a charming personality and a very attractive physical appearance, which has made her stand out from the rest.

We don’t have any public information regarding her life growing up. So, if you have been wondering to know about Piper’s background, we have to disappoint you around here. However, if more information is released, we’d get the same updated here.

Personal Life

Piper, much like her early life, keeps her private life away from the media too. However, according to reports, she is currently dating Troy Ogletree. Also, she was previously dating Alden Richards, according to the reports available.


Piper kicked off her career at an early age when she was only 12. Later, she made her debut at the age of 12 in the Broadway tour production of the show “The 101 Dalmatian Musical.” 

While acting in the Broadway musical at an early age, Piper focused on her education during that period. However, she built her career from the ground up. 

After her success on Broadway, Piper later landed a role in the crime TV series named “Law and Order,” which changed the trajectory of her career for the better. She has managed to maintain a good presence on screen, which helped her land another show named “Body of Proof.”

With the successful roles under her belt from the initial days of her career, Piper further made a television debut in 2015, bagging a role in the Disney show, “Teen Beach 2.” Although the movie was a pretty high-profile movie, it didn’t gain a lot of positive reviews from the audience.

Later in 2017, Piper made her feature film debut in the movie, “School Spirits.” The movie was directed by Allison Eckert. If you haven’t watched the movie, it follows the life of a young girl who relocates to the town, only to realize that the town she is in is a ghost. 

Following the success of that film, Piper appeared in the 2018 web series, “Youth and Consequences.” That seems to be one of the most known projects that she has been part of. Besides that, there hasn’t been a lot of information regarding her current or upcoming projects.

Net Worth

Piper Curda has an estimated net worth of $1.35 million, which she has earned from her acting credits. The majority of her income is thanks to her starting her acting career at an early age. She has been quite dedicated to her career and has bagged significant roles in her career. Also, Piper leverages our social media following to endorse brands, which helps her add to her net worth.


1. What race is Piper Curda?

Piper is Korean American if you have been wondering and confused about her ethnicity. She was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and was later raised in Chicago by her parents.

2. What movies did Piper Curda play in?

Piper has appeared in a list of amazing movies that have catapulted her to fame. Among them, a few include May December, The Wretched, Teen Beach 2, School Spirits, etc.

3. What is Piper Curda doing now?

Piper seems to be focused on further growing in her acting career. She is working on several projects that she hasn’t publicly talked about, which are set to release in the future.