Lily Starfire – Age, Height, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth

Lily Starfire

The advent of social media has shaped the career of thousands and among them; Lily Starfire is a name that deserves a mention. Lily is a famous social media personality, who rose to fame through her videos that she posted on Tiktok.

Today, Lily has established a following across multiple social media channels, including Instagram, Tiktok, and even YouTube. At a young age, Lily managed to acquire a steady amount of fame and popularity.

This article will explore more about Lily Starfire, her early life, and her rise to fame across different social channels.

Lily Starfire Biography/Wiki

Lily was born on August 09, 2001, in Canton, Georgia. She was born into a Caucasian family, as per the media reports. However, since there isn’t a lot of information about Lily’s family, ethnic background, and religious beliefs, there’s no way to confirm her ethnicity.

What has stood out about Lily is her rapid rise to fame. She has acquired a steady following in a short period, especially due to her charming personality and her beautiful physical appearance.

With her popularity, Lily also acquires a good amount of brand collaborations and sponsorships. She has worked with leading brands and renowned actors too. Besides being an internet personality, Lily is also an ambitious businesswoman.

Lily Starfire Age

Lily was born on August 09, 2001, which makes her age 22 as of 2023. 

Lily Starfire Height and Weight

Since Lily has a very public job that requires her to stay chronically online and post videos and photos with her as the main subject, it isn’t surprising that Lily is very conscious about her appearance.

As of the public reports, Lily is 5 feet in height and weighs around 59 kg. Also, her eye color is brown and she has black colored hair. 

Lily Starfire Career

Lily started her career as a model and worked with multiple talent agencies, which landed her a series of modeling gigs that she has worked in. Besides working in multiple modeling campaigns, Lily is also a famous star in the adult entertainment industry.

Owing to her young age, her transition from her modeling career to that of an adult entertainment career came off as a surprise for many. But she has managed to allure her audience and has gained steady viewership on her videos as well.

There isn’t a lot of public information about the videos that Lily has starred in. However, it looks like she has starred in multiple ones and across varying categories, which has further enabled her to quickly grow in the industry.

Her passionate and energetic acting in those adult movies is well-received by the audience of different age groups, gender, and sexualities. To date, Lily has worked with several productions and starred in thousands of adult movies.

Reports suggest that Lily’s projects are managed by Hussie Models but it isn’t confirmed. But, it is safe to say that the agency primarily focuses on her modeling gigs since that’s what they specialize in.

Lily Starfire Family

Lily has gained a lot of social media recognition, not just because of her adult movies but also her modeling gigs and the brand collaborations she partakes in on her accounts. Despite the fame, Lily doesn’t publicly talk about her family or post about them on her accounts.

While there isn’t any information available, most of it is believed that it is due to privacy concerns. Lily prioritizes the privacy of her family, which is why she doesn’t expose them to the media side of things on her account.

Some rumors suggest that Lily isn’t close to her family due to her association with the adult film industry. However, there’s no way to confirm what’s true and what isn’t. Since Lily is a very private person, all we can do is assume at this point. 

Lily Starfire Boyfriend

Much like her family, Lily also keeps her dating life out of the public eye. She hasn’t been publicly seen with anyone. Also, she doesn’t post anything from her personal life on her social media, so there are no reports about her love life on the internet. As of 2023, Lily is single.

Lily Starfire Net Worth

Although not confirmed, rumors suggest that Lily Starfire has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The majority of her income is from her adult film career. She has also earned a steady income through her social media career and brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Facts about Lily Starfire

  • Lily Starfire ventured into the adult film industry at a very early age.
  • Although not confirmed, rumors suggest that Lily is into multiple businesses.
  • Lily has a passion for sports, music, and dancing.
  • Lily’s Instagram handle is seductivesinderella. She has over 10,000 followers on the platform. 


1. Is Lily Starfire married?

Lily is single and not married, as of 2023.

2. How old is Lily Starfire?

Lily was born in 2001, so she is 22 years old as of 2023.

3. Does Lily Starfire have OnlyFans?

Lily has an OnlyFans account by the name Lily.Starfire.

4. Does Lily Starfire have an OnlyFans account?

Lily is one of the most popular names in the AV industry, which explains for a fact that she does have an OnlyFans account where she earns a steady income.

5. Is Lily dating someone?

Lily hasn’t publicly acknowledged anything related to her personal and dating life, so we don’t know for sure if she is dating anyone but it looks like she is single at the moment.

6. Is Lily active on Twitter?

Lily does have an active account on X, where she posts about her latest videos and keeps her fans in the loop about the content she is uploading on her OnlyFans.