Perry Mattfeld Net Worth 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

Perry Mattfeld Net Worth

Often termed as “Jennifer Aniston’s” doppelganger, Perry Mattfeld is a famous American actress and model who has grown in this career with her roles in leading shows and movies, including Shameless, The Wizards of Waverly Place, Murphy Mason, etc.

Besides these, Perry is also globally acclaimed for her role in the show, “In the Dark,” which aired on The CW. With the kind of following that Perry has acquired until now, it isn’t surprising that her fans want to get a closer look at her whole life and net worth.

This article will take you along a ride uncovering more about Perry Mattfeld, her early and personal life, career, and net worth.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Perry Mattfeld
Birth Date March 29, 1994
Age 30
Country of Origin USA
Profession Actress
Marital Status Engaged
Parent’s Name Kenneth Mattfeld
Shelley Garcia
Mark Sanchez
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $2.5 million
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2024

Early Life

Perry Mattfeld was born on March 29, 1994, in Los Angeles, California to Kenneth Mattfeld and Shelley Garcia. Although not much is known about her mother, Perry’s father worked as the deputy city attorney in Los Angeles since 2003.

Perry hasn’t revealed anything about her siblings or her initial childhood and life growing up. Even after being thrust into the public eye, Perry has kept her childhood and the information surrounding it away from the eyes of the media. Since the media has a habit of nitpicking everything apart, it’s understandable why Perry did so.

Coming to her school education, Perry went to the Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach. After graduating high school with flying colors, Perry later enrolled herself in the University of Southern California, where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and acted as a major in her degree.

Her passion for acting and being in front of the camera is what pushed her to pursue an education in the desired field so she could learn the technicalities before trying her hand at the career. 

Personal Life

Perry was initially dating Andrew Wright, however, the two didn’t manage to work out. However, later in 2022, Perry got engaged to Mark Sanchez, who plays for the New York Jets. The two are in a happy relationship and often share insights about their relationship on their social media profiles.

Perry Mattfeld


Following completing her education at one of the most popular Universities and majoring in acting, Perry was pretty set on the fact that she wanted to explore acting as a career option for herself. 

However, Perry’s career didn’t take off in the acting scene. Instead, she started her career as a professional ballet dancer. She trained in the same since she was five. With all the upskilling that she did, it wasn’t even surprising that she established her career in that niche.

Her first big break in Ballet came between the years of 2005 and 2007 when she was cast in “American Girl Theatre.” However, Perry wanted to diversify and expand her career, which is why she ventured into modeling during that period.

Besides that, Perry also started auditioning for multiple television shows and movies. One of the first big breaks that she received was after being cast in “The Wizards of the Waverly Place,” opposite Selena Gomez.

Perry has also appeared in a series of other shows, including “The Megan Mullally Show”, “Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader,” “Shameless,” “Conan,” and “Homecoming.” One of her latest shows is “In the Dark,” which aired between 2019-20.

Net Worth

Perry Mattfeld has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million, which she has earned through her acting credits until now. She also leverages her social media platform to endorse brands and further earn a steady income from it. Not much is known about her income from individual television series though.


1. Who is Perry Mattfeld husband?

Perry has been married to former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. The two of them got engaged in 2022 and were married shortly after.

2. Is in the dark actress blind?

Many people have this misconception that Perry, who portrayed the role in the show is blind in real life but that’s not the case. She isn’t blind in real life.

3. How does Perry Mattfeld act blind?

When asked, Perry clarified that it is her consistent work towards perfecting the role that helped her gain the kind of grip on the role that she played playing the role of a blind person.