Reincarnated As a Sword Season 2 – Everything About the Release Date

Reincarnated As a Sword Season 2

Reincarnated as a Sword (Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita) is one of the most underrated isekai anime series you will come across on the internet. The series released its first season and the viewers are pleased and wanting more.

To give you a bit of a premise, the story follows the protagonist, who reincarnates as a sword in a different fantasy world. The unique storyline and premise will leave you a bit shocked and taken aback but we’d recommend you give it a watch.

If you are curious to know about Reincarnated as a Sword Season 2 release date, its cast, and expected plot, this article will explain it all.

When is Reincarnated as a Sword Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of the show premiered in December 2022 and right after the completion of the first season, the creators renewed the show for a new season.

So, that goes to show that the second season has already been confirmed and is on the way. We just don’t know when it’s happening. Since the news of the renewal, there has been no further news from the creators or production.

That aside, some of the fan predictions depict that the new season could be released in 2024. It could be in the middle of the year or by the year’s end. We have to keep in mind that anime series take longer to produce, so the release won’t be happening anytime soon.

In case we get any further confirmed information related to the release date, we will keep you posted with all the details.

What can we expect from Reincarnated as a Sword Season 2?

The second season of Reincarnated as a Sword is expected to continue the story of Fran, a young beastkin girl who dreams of becoming a powerful warrior. She is accompanied by her sword, Shishou, who is the reincarnated soul of a human.

Besides that, we are also hopeful that the second season will introduce new characters and locations in the series, which will be fun to explore as well. We will also witness Fran and Shishou experiencing a lot of challenges along the way.

Furthermore, we are likely to see how Fran and Shishou’s relationship progresses. That would be pretty interesting to watch in the new season. Besides that, we don’t have any official plotline to base it on.

Who is returning on Reincarnated as a Sword Season 2?

The following voice actors are expected to return for the second season of Reincarnated as a Sword: 

  • Shino Shimoji as Fran

Shino Shimoji

  • Rina Hidaka as Shishou

Rina Hidaka

  • Aoi Yuki as Amanda Y

Aoi Yūki

  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Donn

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

  • Emiri Katō as Nell

Emiri Katō

  • Sayaka Senbongi as Luna

Sayaka Senbongi

  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Ort

Tatsuhisa Suzuki


Reincarnated as a Sword Season 2 is currently in the production phase and will most likely be released in 2024. We don’t have any official release dates yet, which is quite disappointing. However, the good news is that things are underway, so the sequel will come sometime soon or later.


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