Here’s the Most Updated Perez Hilton Net Worth For You in 2023

Perez Hilton Net Worth

Perez Hilton is a famous American celebrity who wanted to retire by the age of 35. He told that he needs to get ready for the worst scenarios which also meant that he needed to have sufficient money to be able to survive for a minimum of five years.

Things didn’t always go the way he wanted and being the only father of two kids is such a responsibility. He continued working hard till the time when he was able to yield fruits. Read this post till the end to know more about the life of this popular personality including his early life, education, career, and more.

Early Life 

Mario Armando Lavadeira Jr. was born on 23rd March 1978 in Miami, Floria. Growing up with parents of Cuban origin, Mario went to a complete boys’ school and he was raised in neighborhoods such as Westchester and Little Havana. 

Post graduating in the year 1996, Mario got a scholarship to New York University. Towards the start, Lavandeira thought of becoming an actor

Personal Life 

Hilton has been linked with many controversies in the past. He has been linked with suits along with Jennifer Anniston and Colin Farrell for posting pictures and videos of the actors. Generally, it seems that Hilton keeps posting about whatever he wants and he also takes whatever he wants to do with it.

His net worth became higher along with all the suits against him when he started his radio show in 2008. After asking for an apology for all the ways of bullying in 2010, he made more three websites.


After graduating from New York University in 2000, Hiton tried getting into the performing arts industry and soon he got into blogging. He also started working as an editor and freelance writer for various publications like the GLAAD, an organization that works for LGBT rights, and Instinct, a magazine for gay men.

Towards the start, the personal blog of Lavandeira started as her hobby. Once he also told people that a lot of people in the mid-2000s started blogging, so he chose writing about celebrities as their lives seemed more interesting to him. Initially, his blog was named and just in six months, it got dubbed as “Hollywood’s most hated website” by The Insider. There is indeed nothing like negative publicity and in a few days, the site became so well-known that the servers became overcrowded.

Net Worth

Perez Hilton is a celebrity blogger of American origin. He is also an actor with a huge net worth of $ 20 million. Though he is a personality with lots of controversies related to him, it is no doubt that he has been through success experiences in the industry of performing arts and news. He is very famous for his blog,, which targets celebrity gossip and news. Apart from blogging, he is a well-known writer and actor.


1. Are Paris Hilton and Perez related?

Even though the two of them share a similar last name and even their first names sound similar, they are not related. They don’t have any familial connection, as explained by both parties.

2. Why did he change his name to Perez Hilton?

When asked about the change in his name, Perez clarified that he uses the pseudo name because of the media business that he is in. He also joked saying that he wanted to mimic being related to Paris Hilton.

3. What is Perez Hilton’s nationality?

Perez Hilton is American, given the fact that he was born in Miami, Florida.